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Ibiyaya is your number one partner in giving pets a happy life. We offer different types of pet strollers, carriers and backpacks to help you make lasting memories with them both inside the home as well outside it! Ibiyaya just started out in our home garage in 2002 but have since expanded into more than 30 countries around the world – making sure that every single animal gets safe access for their needs no matter where they are through high quality products that are built to last.

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JetPaw: 3-in-One Pet Stroller

Make pet outings a breeze with Ibiyaya’s JetPaw Pet Stroller Carrier. This three-way pet stroller can be an expandable pet carrier, airline-approved pet backpack, or collapsible pet stroller, perfect for all kinds of outings.

Champion Large Dog Carrier Backpack

From City Streets to Mountain Peaks – The Champion Large Dog Carrier Backpack is Your Pet’s Best Travel Mate!

JetPaw: 3-in-One Pet Stroller with Removable Airline-Approved Carrier

JetPaw – The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Functionality for Pet Air Travel!

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Ibiyaya is for all rolls and walks of life

  Navigating the vibrant city of Chicago with your beloved dog is an adventure filled with endless possibilities. The Windy City is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere towards pets, offering numerous dog-friendly spaces where your canine companion can roam freely, socialize, and even dine with you. This comprehensive guide will illuminate everything you need to […]

In the heart of the urban labyrinth that is New York City, a remarkable trend has taken root, one that mirrors the city’s innovative spirit and its residents’ deep love for their furry companions. Multifunction pet strollers, once a rarity, have now become a familiar sight along the sidewalks and parks of this bustling metropolis, […]

Introducing your feline friend to the wonders of the great outdoors can be a delightful adventure for both of you, especially when it involves the comfort and safety of a cat stroller. Yes, you heard it right—a cat stroller!     While it might seem like a quirky idea at first, many cat owners have […]

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