Ibiyaya Celebrates 2021 National Pet Day with Tesla

Tesla, an American automaker, is hosting its second annual Tesla Pet Day in 2021 to promote pet safety on the road.

According to a company official, “It’s 2021 and more of us are aiming to make pet travel as pet-friendly as possible.”

This is the only high-end vehicle brand-sponsored pet event. Ibiyaya, Afloat Dog, Huikuang Guide Dog Foundation Taiwan, the Taiwan Dr. Dog Program, and Primo Animal Hospital all joined in on the fun on April 25th in Taiwan. These five pet travel firms were invited and honored for their dedication to providing the best possible travel experiences for pets.

There were a number of participatory activities at this event. Pet-friendly activities include everything from taking a test drive in a Tesla to riding in a pet stroller.

Visitors to Ibiyaya were able to “test drive” five of our Hercules while they were there. The ride with these strollers is quite smooth, and they’re also very reasonably priced. You may take your dog out for a walk in these strollers, even if they have physical limitations.

Seminars on pet nutrition and veterinary health consultation were also offered. In addition, the event featured a luxury salon experience and educational lectures on how to bathe your pet with skin and fur-friendly detergents.

Join us on Tesla Pet Day as we work to make pet travel as comfortable as possible in 2021.

PETA claims that an unsupervised dog in a hot car can suffer from heat stroke in as little as 15 minutes. Even a simple trip to the supermarket can be fatal to your four-legged pal. So Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has just introduced ‘Dog Mode,’ a feature that allows the air conditioning to remain on while the car is locked and guarded, thereby creating a safer atmosphere for pets to roam free in.

Tesla has added pet-friendly features to its vehicles through the use of new software. The Tesla “Dog Mode” is a feature that adjusts the temperature of the automobile when the owner is away from the vehicle. Select the fan symbol at the bottom of the screen and click “Dog” to enable Dog Mode.

The climate will be regulated and a message will appear on the screen saying, “My owner will be back shortly. No need to be alarmed! Temperatures are currently X degrees Fahrenheit. As long as the owner is away, the automobile will remain at this temperature.” The owner’s phone will receive a message to remind them to return to their pet if they are away for an extended amount of time and the battery falls below 20% of its capacity.

On this day, we’ve joined Tesla in commemorating the advancement of pet-friendly travel. You should not have to worry about your pet’s safety while planning a trip! Your pet should be able to join you on your next adventure, whether it be a vacation or a move.

Traveling with pets has never been easier with Ibiyaya. Choosing the correct mode of transportation is essential for a relaxing trip. With a safe carrier, you can travel with your pet without having to worry about them being left behind whether you’re on business or pleasure. Choosing the appropriate design for your pet and yourself is essential because there are so many alternatives. Your pet’s carrier must be both lightweight and spacious enough for your pet. Take a look at our newest travel satchels and daypacks! We have a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, no matter what mode of transportation you plan to take. Take a look around at what we have to offer!

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