Spring is coming, take your kittens out for a warm fresh breeze


Meowow! Now we are talking!

Spring is coming, and we all love to go out and enjoy the amazing weather and so do animals especially kittens. But taking them out and looking after them may be very hard sometimes. Most people went for a spring break but they have to leave their cats in the house. This may be heart-breaking to some people who love their pets to death, but they can’t also take them because of mostly one reason that is ‘how would we carry our cats’ because you just can’t hold them all the time.

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Take me with ya!

If you are planning on going out for the spring break or even if you want to take your cat to the park or to the mall, or if it is the first time you consider taking your fur friend out? You should carry a pet carrier with you. It will be a lot easier for you to take your cats and kittens with you anywhere you go without leaving them in the house. Available at Amazon.

Classic Collapsible Shoulder Pet Carrier Bag for Small Dog, Cat, Rabbit and Hamster


FS1220 Quantity GIFOur company ‘Ibiyaya’ launched the best carriers for your cats and kittens. It has fashionable and fun printings. It is made with the EVA material passed stress-crack resistance and water proof tests. Ibiyaya pet carrier can lift up to 6kgs/13.2lbs, which is perfect for the people who love to take their cats out with them. Another amazing advantage of this bag is when you fold it up, it saves storage space! It has top and side ventilation so your cat won’t feel suffocated, ever!

It has visibility little circles where you can see your cat from outside. Ibiyaya EVA carrier also comes in transparent design, it is made of supremely strong plastic that is a commonly used material for luggage. Ibiyaya transparent carrier has even been stepped on the material to test the material resistance, it simply wouldn’t break.   All of Ibiyaya carriers come with a pad for diaper attach. There are so many qualities in just one carrier bag. Available at Amazon.

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The IBIYAYA transparent carrier is for you. Ibiyaya is the first brand that invented this EVA hard-shell carrier design, not only the unique design itself, the quality has been assured always using virgin material so it does not cause breakage, material instability and also hardness of the material.  Ibiyaya has made sure the four legged friend will always be happy rolling inside the carrier without worrying about the safety of the eco-friendly material.


Visit our website for more details, or drop us an email at export@ibiyaya-usa.com.


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