Beyond the Leash: Ibiyaya’s Vision for Pet-Friendly Trips

A light Ibiyaya blue Happy Blue Bicycle Pet Trailer attached behind the bicycle is running around the neighborhood of Van Gogh Forest (Hoge Veluwe National Park), Holland. Two little furkids inside the trailer cozily look around the rich verdant surrounding while the view of owner’s back is just in front.

Together they enjoy a ride in the Nature and sunlight.

On the street of Den-en Chofu, the high-end residential area of Tokyo, Japan, an Ibiyaya Turbo Pet Jogger with Air Filled Tires moves so lightly as a luxury car does. Passengers all stop to take a look while a furkid lifting its head out of the bright-red jogger. It winks eyes against the breeze and sunshine. Maybe it is imaging running around with the owner on the grass….

At Interzoo, one of the largest pet industry exhibitions globally and is held biennially at Nuremberg, Germany, those bright colorful pet strollers, carriers and furniture pieces with eye-catching designs and high quality by Ibiyaya always attract attention and gain praise from global distributers and exhibition-goers. In particular the collapsible pet carrier and rolling tote series, diverse transporting needs are taken into consideration of design and all products are storage-wise. The enquiry is in such high frequency. The whole series is designed and developed exclusively by Ibiyaya and awarded several patents. It could be regarded as “the pride of Taiwan” in pet industry.

Founded in 2003, Taiwan, the brand name and company mission of Ibiyaya all began with a little Maltese called Ibbi. Ibbi came to Taiwan from Australia accompanying its owner. Whenever and wherever the owner went, Ibbi went together. At that time pet strollers or carriers of ideal functions and designs were not very available. For the love to Ibbi with a design background, the owner’s family founded Ibiyaya. The design and development of pet strollers and carriers are exclusively by the family and they commit seriously by taking SGS standard of baby strollers for all products. Ibiyaya insists only adopting virgin plastic, consolidated materials and non-toxic fabrics to fabricate pet strollers and pet carriers at luxury goods level.

Over a decade, now Ibiyaya has been expanding from a domestic brand to the global market.Ibiyaya announces new designs and products every year with costumers’ feedback and needs as reference. Ibiyaya sets up the high quality standard for the industry, and leads the design trends on market. Of most importance, Ibiyaya enables pet owners bringing their furkids everywhere as they wish without a moment of separation!

With insistency of non-toxic and high quality standard as well as a goal of comfortable, safe and easy-to-use, Ibiyaya is the perfect “third wheel” between you and your furkids.

For more IBIYAYA Newest information, please see ibiyaya.com


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