Dog strollers have gained popularity as a convenient way to take pets on outings, and Ibiyaya’s Elegant Retro Stroller has recently been recognized as the best choice for multiple dogs by Top Dog Tips. This accolade highlights Ibiyaya’s dedication to producing high-quality, user-friendly products that cater to the needs of pet owners and their furry […]

Ibiyaya is proud to announce that Hercules Heavy-Duty Dog Stroller has been named the top choice for “Best Dog Strollers for Large Dogs” by Canineweekly.com in their 2023 review of pet strollers. This recognition highlights Ibiyaya’s commitment to quality and innovation, reflecting their deep understanding of the needs of pet owners and their large furry […]

In the bustling world of pet care products, Ibiyaya stands out with its innovative solutions tailored for pets with special needs. A recent article by Janelle Leeson in Forbes highlights the best dog strollers of 2024, underscoring the essential role these products play in enhancing the quality of life for pets facing mobility challenges. Among […]

  Traveling with your cockatiel can be a stress-free experience with the right preparation and equipment. The Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack for Birds is a top choice for pet owners who want to bring their feathered friends along on adventures. This cockatiel carrier cage, designed with input from bird experts, offers comfort, safety, and convenience […]

  Traveling with a pet can be a delightful experience, but it requires the right preparation, especially when that pet is a budgie. These small, vibrant birds are popular companions, known for their sociability and charming chirps. Ensuring their comfort and safety during travel is paramount. A budgie carrier backpack offers a fantastic solution for […]

Owning a parakeet is a delightful experience filled with vibrant colors, lively songs, and joyful interactions. For those looking to enhance this experience by traveling with their feathered friend, a parakeet travel backpack carrier  is an invaluable tool. Let’s dive into why an airline approved parakeet carrier bag is an essential accessory for any parakeet […]

  Woodland, CA — Ibiyaya, a frontrunner in innovative pet care solutions, proudly announces that its 5-in-1 Pet Carrier and Stroller has been awarded the title of “Overall Best” in Rover.com’s review of the best cat strollers available in the market. This award underscores Ibiyaya’s commitment to quality and functionality in meeting the diverse needs […]

  Navigating the vibrant city of Chicago with your beloved dog is an adventure filled with endless possibilities. The Windy City is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere towards pets, offering numerous dog-friendly spaces where your canine companion can roam freely, socialize, and even dine with you. This comprehensive guide will illuminate everything you need to […]

In the heart of the urban labyrinth that is New York City, a remarkable trend has taken root, one that mirrors the city’s innovative spirit and its residents’ deep love for their furry companions. Multifunction pet strollers, once a rarity, have now become a familiar sight along the sidewalks and parks of this bustling metropolis, […]

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