CBS News: Airline Approved Pet Carriers In-Cabin Top Picks for 2024 for Safe and Stylish Travel

CBS-best-airline-approved pet carrier
CBS-best-airline-approved pet carrier


Traveling with pets has become more than a trend—it’s a lifestyle for many pet owners. As the number of pet-friendly accommodations and travel options grows, so does the need for the right gear to ensure our furry friends are comfortable, safe, and happy on the road. Recognizing this, CBS News Essentials has stepped in to guide pet owners through the maze of available airline approved pet carriers in-cabin with wheels, spotlighting the best options for 2024. 

Here’s a closer look at this year’s top picks, the process behind their selection, and a deep dive into two standout brands, EVA and Ibiyaya.

The Pet Carrier Award

Every year, CBS News  shines a light on the best dog carriers for airline travel, making the journey smoother for pets and their owners alike. With a significant number of American households owning pets and a large portion of these pet owners traveling with their pets, choosing the right soft sided pet carrier is crucial. The 2024 award list is a treasure trove of airline approved pet carriers under the seat of the cabin designed for comfort, safety, and owner convenience.

About CBS News 

CBS News stands as a beacon for consumers searching for top-notch products. Operating independently from the CBS News editorial staff, this team dedicates itself to finding products that make life easier and more enjoyable. While they may earn commissions from product links, their recommendations for airline approved in cabin pet carrier and all other commercial products are made with integrity, focusing solely on serving the consumer’s needs.

How They Pick the Best

The selection process for the top airline compliant pet carriers is meticulous and thoughtful. CBS News evaluates a range of factors, including how well each pet carrier meets airline regulations, the comfort it offers pets, its durability, and how easy it is to clean. Customer reviews play a crucial role, ensuring that only those products well-received by the public make the cut. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the recommended airline approved pet carriers in-cabin with wheels are not only practical but also beloved by pets and their owners.



Focus on EVA and Ibiyaya

The Ibiyaya 5-in-1 rabbit dog & cat carrier, backpack, and stroller trio has been recognized as one of the best Airline  Approved Pet Carrier In-Cabin with Wheels for Travel in 2024. This accolade highlights its exceptional design and functionality, making it a top choice for pet owners who travel with their furry friends.

EVA 5in1 Pet Stroller Carrier Combo


This innovative pet carrier and stroller combo is celebrated for its design, versatility, easily transforming between a pet stroller, pet backpack arline-approved, pet suitcase with wheels, car seat carrier, and pet sling bag. Such flexibility ensures that no matter the mode of travel or destination, your pet will always be comfortable and safe.

The Ibiyaya 5-in-1 airline approvedd pet carrier in-cabin with wheels is made from EVA, known for its durability and environmental friendliness. It features a breathable mesh for ventilation, shock-absorbing wheels for a smooth ride, and a one-hand fold mechanism for ease of use. Its design is not only practical but also stylish, available in multiple colors to match any pet owner’s preference. Recognized for its quality, the pet carrier is patented and it has met international standards (SGS), making it a reliable choice for traveling pets.


Ibiyaya’s New Airline Compliant Pet Carrier (Expandable)


Ibiyaya's latest model for airline approved pet carriers in-cabin with wheels
Ibiyaya’s latest model for airline approved pet carriers in-cabin with wheels


Introducing JetPaw’s latest airline approved pet carrier in-cabin with wheels and expandable, offering unmatched functionality and perfect under-seat fit. This versatile soft sided carrier transforms from a hand-held pet bag to a flight backpack, rolling expandable pet carrier, and detachable stroller. Its innovative design includes a two-way stretch for extra comfort, a sturdy aluminum frame, ventilated mesh windows, and a state-of-the-art suspension wheel system. With features like auto-locking zippers and a quick braking system, JetPaw ensures safety and convenience, making it the top choice for pet owners.




JetPaw soft sided pet stroller-carrier TSA approved
JetPaw soft sided  expandable pet carrier airline approved


As travel with pets continues to rise in popularity, having the right carrier is more important than ever. The CBS News list of the best airline approved dog carriers for in cabin 2024 is a valuable resource for pet owners, ensuring that their furry companions are well-cared for, no matter where their adventures take them. With standout options like those from JetPaw, EVA, Adventure and Ibiyaya, pets and their owners can look forward to many happy travels together.

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