7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Hiking Backpack


As much as you want to take your cat anywhere with you, admit it — carrying them using your arms or hands is tiring. This can even compromise their safety or your convenience. 

Investing in a cat hiking backpack is the perfect solution if you want to take your feline friends on adventures while ensuring your own and your pet’s safety, convenience, and enjoyment. But with the number of options available in offline and online pet stores today, how can you determine which one is the best cat backpack for hiking?


This article lists some of the most important things to consider when choosing a hiking cat backpack. Use the information presented here as your buying guide, so can narrow down your options fast and enjoy some (or all) of the USA’s best hiking spots!

Ergonomic Support

Choosing a cat backpack for hiking shouldn’t only be about your pet — you should also think about your comfort, convenience, and safety. How else are you going to enjoy hiking the Acadia National Park or Yosemite National Park with your pet if your back hurts?

The ergonomic support offered should be your first consideration when going through cat backpacks for hiking. These features ensure your comfort and safety as you carry your pet at your back for long periods.

Ibiyaya’s Two-Tier Pet Backpack is the perfect example of an ergonomically designed cat hiking backpack. It features anatomically-shaped shoulder straps with an adjustable load lifter. Thanks to its padded adjustable hip belt, this backpack allows you to transfer its weight from your shoulder to your hips, lessening your risk of back pain.

Two-tier Pet Backpack


Your cat will be staying inside the backpack for hours, which is why it’s crucial to check its materials. A cat backpack hiking made with unsafe or toxic materials can put your pet’s safety and life at risk. This is especially true if your cat loves to nibble and chew on just about anything.

Regardless if you’re eyeing to buy a hiking backpack with wheels or one without, always check the materials. The backpack should be made with pet-friendly materials, which pass international standards for quality and safety.

Additionally, the stitching of the backpack should be durable enough to hold the weight of your pet and withstand excessive chewing and scratching. The materials shouldn’t wear out even when exposed to different weather conditions.

Ibiyaya’s line of cat backpacks for hiking meets these criteria because they’re made from pet-friendly and highly durable materials. Our backpacks are guaranteed to stand the test of time and have surpassed many international standards.

Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack


Safety Features

Imagine this: you’re hiking at Cuyahoga Valley National Park and realize that your cat escaped when you’re still halfway through the trail. How would you feel? You’ll probably feel stressed and eventually panic, right?

One way to prevent this situation from happening is by investing in a cat backpack hiking that has built-in safety features. These features should keep your feline friend safe inside the backpack, so you can focus on the hike and not worry about their whereabouts as you go along.

If you’re looking for a hiking cat backpack equipped with many safety features, the Eva Pet Carrier Backpack is your best bet. It comes with safety tethers and double ventilation, guaranteed to keep your cat in place as you hike. This hiking backpack for cats has been tested for 8 hours of comfort during travel.

EVA Pet Carrier / Pet Wheeled Carrier



The size of the cat backpack for hiking is an important consideration when buying one. Your cat will never stay comfortable as you hike Zion National Park, Crater Lake National Park, or other pet-friendly hiking trails in the US if you put them in a bag that’s too small.

No matter the size of your cat, Ibiyaya has the right product for you. We offer cat backpacks for hiking in different sizes and even one that fits two small-sized pets!

Our Two-Tier Pet Backpack allows you to take more than one pet on your hike, as it can accommodate two small-sized pets or one medium-sized pet. It comes with a divider, which you can easily slide and remove, depending on the number of pets you want to take with you.

Double cat hiking backpack


Hiking on different trails around the USA means being exposed to the sun for hours. This can cause discomfort to humans even when they’re out in the open — how much more to pets inside a cat hiking backpack?

The best cat backpack for hiking is one that ensures proper ventilation. This feature keeps your cat cool and comfortable as they’re inside the backpack. As a result, your feline friend will love the experience of being out and about with you.

Our New Liso Backpack Parallel Transport Pet Trolley is designed to ensure that your pet is well-ventilated inside. This cat backpack for hiking has front windows and mesh sides, which guarantees maxim airflow. With these features, your cat will stay cool even if you hike with them during humid days.

Style and Originality

You won’t be as excited to use a cat hiking backpack if it looks boring or outdated. Admit it — as a pet owner, you want your feline friend to gain as much attention when they’re in public, and using a poorly designed bag will prevent you from achieving that goal.

Always consider the style and originality when picking a cat hiking backpack. Besides standing out as you hike with your friends or family, a stylish backpack will also make it easier for you to determine which one is yours. And most importantly, this will put your pet on the spotlight every time they’re inside the backpack!


Technology has improved all products available in the market today — and cat hiking backpacks aren’t an exemption. Today, you can choose a backpack equipped with many high-tech features.

Some of Ibiyaya’s cat backpacks for hiking are water and rip-resistant fabric. These features enhance your pet’s safety, your convenience, and the overall appearance of the product!


Trust the right brand

The information presented here makes it easier for you to understand everything about hiking backpack carriers. Being equipped with this knowledge can become your key to choosing the right cat hiking backpack fast.

Besides the features, we’ve already mentioned the right brand to trust: Ibiyaya. Thousands of pet owners worldwide trust this brand because it stays to its promise of creating bonds built to last through high-quality pet products!




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