How to Travel with a Cockatiel Using the Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack Bird Carrier Backpack


Traveling with your cockatiel can be a stress-free experience with the right preparation and equipment. The Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack for Birds is a top choice for pet owners who want to bring their feathered friends along on adventures.

This cockatiel carrier cage, designed with input from bird experts, offers comfort, safety, and convenience for both you and your cockatiel.

Here’s how to make the most of this innovative travel solution.


  1. Acquaint Your Cockatiel with the TrackPack

    Before setting out, it’s crucial for your cockatiel to become familiar with the new carrier. Start by placing the TrackPack near your cockatiel’s living area to let them investigate it on their terms. You can encourage exploration by placing treats or favorite toys inside the bird backpack. Allow your cockatiel to enter and exit the backpack freely, gradually increasing the time they spend inside to build comfort.

  2. Optimize the Carrier for Comfort

    The Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack is equipped with a hemp rope wooden perch that is comfortable and easy to clean, providing an ideal perch for your bird. Before traveling, ensure the perch is securely attached and positioned comfortably. The cockatiel backpack carrier also includes a water-repellent fabric and breathable 304 stainless steel mesh for adequate ventilation, ensuring a comfortable environment for your cockatiel, even during light rain.

  3. Prepare for Travel

    On the day of travel, make sure the cockatiel backpack carrier is set up for a seamless journey. This includes installing the detachable plastic pan lined with a diaper pad for cleanliness, and ensuring food and water bowls are filled and securely attached. Check that all zippers and closures are secure, and the adjustable chest buckle is tightened for added stability.

  4. Maintain Safety and Comfort

    During travel, keep the cockatiel bird carrier in a secure location where it won’t tip over or be subjected to extreme temperatures. The TrackPack’s ergonomic design helps it sit comfortably on your back, reducing the risk of jostling and stress for your bird. Regularly check on your cockatiel and ensure they have access to fresh air, without direct drafts.

  5. Utilize Convenient Features

    The TrackPack is designed with several features to enhance your travel experience. Utilize the easy-access movable storage pouches for essentials like a walkie-talkie or snacks. The cockatiel travel carrier’s color is chosen to blend with outdoor environments, reducing stress for your cockatiel by providing a sense of security.

  6. After Arrival

    Once you arrive at your destination, give your cockatiel time to adjust to their new surroundings. Set up a more permanent spot for them to rest outside of the cockatiel bird carrier if you’ll be staying for an extended period.



Traveling with your cockatiel using the Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack bird carrier can make your adventures together safe, enjoyable, and memorable. This cockatiel travel cage not only provides a secure and comfortable environment for your cockatiel but also ensures ease of travel for you, making it a worthy investment for bird lovers.



FAQ’s for traveling with Cockatiels 


Can cockatiels fly in airplanes?

Yes, cockatiels can fly in airplanes, but they must be in an airline approved cockatiels carrier like the TrackPack, and you should check with the airline regarding their specific pet policies.

Will a pet cockatiel fly away?

A pet cockatiel might fly away if it feels threatened or if it’s in an unfamiliar environment. It’s important to keep them secure during outdoor activities.

Will cockatiels fly back home?

Cockatiels do not have the homing instinct that pigeons do, so if they fly away, they may NOT be able to find their way back home.

Can cockatiels be trained not to fly away?

Yes, with consistent training and bonding, cockatiels can learn to stay close to their owners, but they should always be monitored closely when outside of their bird cage or carrier.

Do cockatiels need to be near a window?

Cockatiels enjoy the sunlight and the view from a window, but it is important to ensure that there are no drafts and the sun exposure is not excessive.


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