Coronavirus Can’t Stop Pet Lovers: Pet Adoptions Rise During Pandemic Stay-at-Home Orders

When news of the pandemic swept across the world, it was only natural that people’s fear and anxiety increased. There has been a direct correlation between the rise in pet adoptions and the ongoing stay-at-home-orders. Why is that? It is known that having a fur baby around decreases stress and directs one’s attention to taking care of their animal, providing them with a loving home. With newfound interest in a pet, pet owners now have a positive outlet that they can direct their attention to.

Besides the welcomed distraction, there are more beneficial outcomes to having a pet around. Your mental health and psychological well-being improves tremendously, especially if you are living alone. Furthermore, your physical health thrives! Keeping your dog healthy means taking it on a walk or run, so both of you get stress relieving exercise in as well as some fresh air. Having an animal to attend to gets you to move away from your screen, giving you a moment away from the physical and emotional demands of working from home.


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Pets also have an impactful effect for those who have children. With home school and spending time away from friends, pets can help comfort children and help them take their minds off what is going on in the world. Having a pet can give both children and adults a sense of purpose, while decreasing their sadness and anxiety.

Though the pandemic has significantly changed our lives, it has also changed the lives of many pets for the better. Animal rescue organizations are seeing a remarkable increase in pet adoptions, which only means that these pets are getting the attention and love they deserve. A pet can bring anyone much needed joy, and the benefits are truly endless.

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