Do Dogs Get Sad When Owners Travel?

Pet waiting for owner at the window


Hello, dear pet owners! Ever caught yourself wondering if your four-legged buddy feels a bit down when you’re off on your adventures? It’s a common question for all of us who share our lives with a furry friend. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this!


Do They Really Get Sad?


Absolutely, they do. Dogs are not just pets; they’re family. They have a keen sense of routine and attachment. So, when their favorite humans disappear for a while, they definitely feel the change. It’s similar to how we might feel when a close friend or family member is away.


Signs Your Dog Misses You


Moping Around: Ever noticed your dog lounging more than usual or not showing interest in their toys? This could be a sign they’re missing you. They might wander to your room, sniff around your belongings, or just lay on the side of the bed, hoping for your return.

Change in Appetite: Some dogs show their emotions through their eating habits. If your usually food-loving pup is ignoring their meals or eating less enthusiastically, it might be a sign they’re feeling a bit low.

Extra Clingy Upon Return: When you return, you might find your dog glued to your side, more than usual. This extra clinginess is their way of ensuring you’re really back and not leaving anytime soon. It’s their way of coping with the joy of your return and the fear of you leaving again.

Dog under stress
Dog under stress





How to Help Them Feel Better


Create a Comforting Environment: Before you leave, make sure your dog has a cozy, familiar space. This could be their favorite bed, a pile of their most loved toys, or even an item of your clothing. These familiar items can be a source of comfort for them.

Leave a Scent Behind: Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell. Leaving something that smells like you can be incredibly comforting. A worn t-shirt, for instance, can be a reassuring presence, reminding them of you.

Engaging  Dog Activities: Keep their minds occupied with engaging toys or puzzles. Interactive toys that dispense treats can be a great way to keep them busy and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Maintain Routine: Dogs thrive on routine. It gives them a sense of security. Try to ensure that whoever is caring for them maintains their regular schedule of walks, meals, and playtime.

Familiar Caregiver: If possible, have someone they know and trust take care of them. This familiarity can greatly reduce their stress and anxiety.


Remember, They’re Resilient!


It’s important to remember that dogs are adaptable. They might have a period of adjustment, but they’re also capable of enjoying their time even when you’re not around. They might discover new favorite spots in the house, get extra cuddles from the caregiver, or enjoy longer walks.


The Joyful Reunion


And let’s not forget the best part – the reunion! The excitement, the wagging tail, the happy barks – it’s their way of saying, “I missed you, but I’m so glad you’re back!” This moment is a testament to the unbreakable bond you share with your furry friend.

Ibiyaya Retro Luxury Dog Strolller
Ibiyaya Retro Luxury Dog Strolller

So, while it’s natural to worry, remember that your dog is stronger than you think. They might miss you, but they’ll also be okay, eagerly awaiting your return. And when you’re back, it’s time for extra snuggles and treats! Safe travels and happy reunions! 🐕✈️🏡


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