Should We Let Our Cats Go Outside At All?

Should we let our cats go outside? The answer to this question is a complex one. It can be hard to decide, but in this blog post, I will explore the pros and cons of letting your cat go outside with you. This includes missing cats, cat travel, cat safety, microchipping cats not working, how far they get at night, and their effect on their environment.

The Dangers of Letting Our Cats Go Outside

There are multiple dangers to letting your cat go outside. First, about half of missing cats cannot be found again and many turn up as roadkill (here’s a missing pet). This is especially true for outdoor pets because they have the ability to travel further away from home than an indoor cat would.

They can also get lost or become injured due to other animals or humans who might hurt them intentionally such as dogs, raccoons, coyotes, and even people!

There may also be accidents like cars where if you don’t take precautions there could easily end with a missing cat poster on your front lawn along with heartbreak in your life.

Your Cats are Also Putting Other Animals at Risk

Cats going out at night not only puts themselves at risk but it puts everyone else around them at risk.
In 2013, a study conducted by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the US Fish and Wildlife Service compiled nationwide data and concluded that cats are responsible for deaths of up to 3.7B birds and 20.7B small mammals every 12 months, including mice, voles, rabbits and shrews.

Cats can, in fact, harm their environment when they are allowed to just go out at will. So apart from losing your pet, you must also consider that they can cause harm to your local wildlife if left unattended.

Microchipping Your Cat Doesn’t Work

Studies show that less than 50% of missing cats are returned to their owners. Microchip implantation has only a 30-50% success rate in general, which is why it’s not enough on its own.

It is important to understand that a pet microchip is not a GPS device providing real-time tracking capabilities. The truth is, a pet microchip is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device, so when you lose your cat outside, the device is useful only when your pet is found again.

Even if your cat is found and taken back home the microchip isn’t necessarily able to do anything because most shelters don’t have scanners equipped for finding them or they simply aren’t turned on at all! So there you go; microchips really can be an unreliable way of tracking your pet down after it gets lost.

However, please note that we do not mean to say that microchips are useless. In fact, if you do find your cat, it is a legal way to claim them.

What About Cats Traveling Far During the Night?

Cats tend to travel far during the night when we humans are sleeping so how would anyone be able to tell if they do leave the house and what would happen then?

Cats can travel up to 12 miles from their home at night. That’s a long way from home! And it will be difficult to locate them if they ever get lost.

The dangers of having them go out, apart from not finding their way home, can also be a cause for worry.

Should We Let Our Cats Go Outside at All?

“Ibiyaya recommends keeping our cats inside as much as possible. As we have discussed in this article,  there are dangers for cats that go outside such as getting lost, getting in harm’s way  (through an accident or aggression by others), and putting your local wildlife at risk through their predatory behavior.”

How to Let Your Cat Enjoy the World without Getting in Harm’s Way

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The Pet Hiking Backpack

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