Does Your Dog Need Pet Stairs?

Dogs are usually always ready to leap from one surface to another, but if you notice that your dog needs a little bit more encouragement or is visibly struggling to jump, then consider getting a pair of pet stairs for your fur baby.

Here are some reasons why your dog might benefit from pet stairs.

Senior Dogs

  • Older dogs already might feel some pain moving around, and they can also develop arthritis. Pet stairs will help get onto the couch or into the car with ease.

Smaller Dogs

  • Short legs and tall surfaces don’t go hand in hand. Smaller dogs have fragile bones, even jumping from low heights can cause them pain, or result in a fracture or dislocation. Pet stairs will help them get from point A to point B without straining their legs.

Pregnant Dogs

  • If your dog is expecting offspring then their weight increases, making it more difficult and dangerous for them to jump. To ensure the safety of their puppies, pet stairs will give both you and your expecting fur baby peace of mind.

Overweight Dogs

  • Pet stairs will support your overweight dog to help not overload the joints and cause them any discomfort.

Dogs with Long Spines

  • Such as corgis or dachshunds, these dogs are prone to back injuries due to their long spines. Constantly jumping can exacerbate these problems, which is why having pet stairs handy will preempt any back injury.

We know that you want to help give your pet the best life possible, which is why we here at Ibiyaya created Everest Pet Stairs! These pet stairs are engineered with strength and stability in mind to support up to 40kg to assist your dog’s paws and joints, making sure that comfort follows them anywhere they go. The high-density weave and 2cm thick ladder cushion is removable, washable, and water-repellent to make cleaning hassle-free! Let your pet reach new heights with ease with our Everest Pet Stairs! Check out all the other amazing features of this cute and functional product here.

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