Fireworks-Preparing your Pet!

Though fireworks are an exciting feature for us to gaze at during various celebrations, our fur babies may have a different reaction to the bursts of bright colors and loud noises. Ibiyaya is here to provide you with the information you need to help you create a safe space for your pet(s) at events with fireworks!

Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier Plus 

Whether you like a shoulder bag, a backpack or a front carrier, with our Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier Plus all these options are available to you so you can feel more comfortable when traveling with your pet to watch the firework show! The transparent design makes checking in on your pet super easy, and also allows them to view the show with you.

Now, there is no reason to leave your pet behind or just not go out, both you and your pet can relax and enjoy all the celebrations together!

Cloud 9 Pet Stroller

Just the name alone should already have you feeling better about your pet(s)’ security, but here’s why this is the ultimate pet stroller. The bigger cabin offers more space for your pet to lounge about, giving them maximum comfort and relaxation. Due to the good ventilation, courtesy of the mesh surrounding the whole cabin, your pet(s) will be able to breathe easy and stay calm during the firework show. If you are feeling curious about how your pet(s) is/are reacting to the events, the Cloud 9 Pet Stroller comes with a sunroof that makes checking on your pets’ well-being much easier. Both you and your pet will be on Cloud-9 thanks to this new and improved pet stroller!

Giving your pet(s) a tasty treat or stuffed chew toy can also help ease their stress during fireworks, but that only goes so far. Making sure they are in a welcoming environment will give them both the physical and emotional support they need during these chaotic events.

Want to learn more? Click for JetPaw Expandable  airline approved pet carrier and here for the Cloud 9 Pet Stroller!

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