Forbes Lists Ibiyaya Double-Decker and Grand Cruiser in ‘The 8 Best Dog Strollers to Take Your Pup on Walks, Runs, and More’

In the bustling world of pet care products, Ibiyaya stands out with its innovative solutions tailored for pets with special needs. A recent article by Janelle Leeson in Forbes highlights the best dog strollers of 2024, underscoring the essential role these products play in enhancing the quality of life for pets facing mobility challenges.

Among the top contenders, Ibiyaya’s offerings—the Double-Decker Pet Stroller for 2 dogs and the Grand Cruiser Senior Dog Stroller—shine for their unique features and thoughtful design, earmarking them as indispensable tools for pet parents.


Ibiyaya Double-Decker Pet Stroller: A Game-Changer for Pet Families

Navigating the outdoors with multiple pets can often lead to a juggling act that few strollers can handle. Ibiyaya’s Double-Decker Pet Stroller is a marvel of design and functionality, making it the best double stroller for dogs as per Forbes’ meticulous evaluation. This two dog stroller uniquely addresses the challenge of managing two dogs simultaneously by featuring separate compartments for each pet, thus preventing any territorial disputes and enhancing comfort during outings. Lightweight yet sturdy, it folds easily with one hand, which is incredibly convenient for pet owners handling multiple leashes.


Best Double Stroller For Dogs
A Two-Seat Stroller With Separate Compartments For Each Pup
Best Double Stroller For Dogs = A Two-Seat Stroller With Separate Compartments For Each Pup


Ibiyaya Grand Cruiser Dog Stroller: Comfort for Senior Pets

For older dogs, mobility becomes a pressing concern, and Ibiyaya’s Grand Cruiser Senior Dog Stroller offers an elegant solution. This injured dog stroller is highlighted as the best for senior dogs, offering easy access through multiple entry points and an optional ramp for ease of boarding. Its design mimics that of a hybrid between a wagon and a stroller, providing both the space of the former and the security of the latter. Recognized for its practicality, it also features an ergonomic handle adjustable to the user’s height and is designed for smooth surfaces, making it ideal for city dwellers and suburbanites alike.

A Hybrid Wagon And Stroller Ideal For Senior Dogs – Forbes.com*


Best Stroller For Older Dogs
A Hybrid Wagon And Stroller Ideal For Senior Dogs
Forbes.con – Best Stroller For Older Dogs

Forbes Vetted: A Trusted Source for Product Recommendations

Forbes is widely recognized for its in-depth analysis and reliable recommendations across various product categories, and their Forbes Vetted section is no exception. By employing a rigorous selection process that involves consultations with industry experts and real-world testing, Forbes ensures that their endorsements are based on sound evaluations. The credibility of Forbes Vetted comes from its commitment to transparency and detail, offering readers like pet owners valuable insights that help them make informed decisions about the best products for their needs.


Forbes’ Vetted Process: Assurance of Quality

The inclusion of Ibiyaya’s products in Forbes’ list is no small feat. The selection process, as detailed by Forbes, involves consultations with veterinarians and thorough testing for safety, comfort, and functionality. This rigorous approach ensures that only the best products make the cut, providing pet owners with reliable solutions for their furry family members. The selection of Ibiyaya’s strollers not only speaks to their quality but also to their innovation in meeting the specific needs of dogs with different lifestyles and health conditions.

Full article here


Are Dog Strollers Worth It?

Veterinarians Ostermeier and Gardner concur that dog strollers represent a valuable investment that can significantly enhance the health and overall quality of life for your canine. According to Gardner, they are especially advantageous for senior dogs grappling with mobility challenges such as arthritis, neuropathy, disc disease, or muscle wasting.

However, the benefits of dog strollers extend beyond elderly dogs. They are also crucial for disabled dogs, injured pets, those recovering from surgical procedures, or dogs susceptible to overheating, respiratory issues, or anxiety. Even young puppies or small dogs that quickly become fatigued can enjoy the advantages of using a stroller. “I frequently observe dogs being transported in strollers to the park, where they disembark to enjoy the surroundings before returning to the stroller for the journey home,” Gardner explains. “Strollers enable them to continue visiting their favorite spots without using up all their energy along the way.”


Conclusion: Why Choose Ibiyaya?

For pet parents facing the challenges of aging, injured, or anxious pets, Ibiyaya’s pet strollers offer more than just mobility—they offer a chance to enhance their pets’ quality of life. Both the Double-Decker Two Dog Stroller  and the Grand Cruiser Injured Dog Stroller models stand out for their specialized features that cater to the unique needs of different dogs, ensuring comfort, safety, and durability. The endorsement by Forbes, a trusted name in product reviews, further validates Ibiyaya’s commitment to quality and innovation in pet care.

For more information on how these multi-purpose pet strollers can transform your pet’s outdoor experiences and to see them in action, visit Ibiyaya’s product pages and witness how they continue to set new standards in pet mobility solutions.


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