How to Get Your Small Dog Accustomed to a Carrier Backpack

Whether you and your pooch frequently board a plane, have road trips, or spend the entire afternoons in nearby malls, getting them accustomed to a pet carrier backpack is a must. 

Carrier backpacks are a godsend because they guarantee your convenience and make your dog feel safer and more comfortable. Dogs are naturally den animals, and being inside a carrier backpack helps them remain stress-free even when exposed to a new environment. 

But choosing the right backpack is just the start. You also have to exert time and effort to train them to use (and love) being inside the backpack. It’s crucial for pet owners to introduce it in a friendly manner, or else your dog will try to escape every time they’re inside the backpack. 

Tip #1: Place the backpack in a room where your dog often spends time

The first step is introducing the backpack to your small dog in a fun, non-intimidating way. To do this, put the small dog front carrier backpack on the floor of your bedroom, living room, or any other room where your dog loves to spend a lot of time. 


Leave the backpack open and unzip all its zippers to encourage your dog to explore it. Continue doing the same process for days or weeks.

Tip #2: Make the backpack more fun

Once your dog is already familiar with the small dog carrier backpack, start putting their belongings inside of it. It could be his favorite toy, treat, or blanket. This will get your dog to touch the dog backpack or even play with it as they realize that it’s not scary at all. 


Tip #3: Try closing the dog backpack

If your dog can get in the pet backpack on their own, try closing the zippers for a few seconds and then open it back up before they have time to react. Reward them with their favorite treats, plenty of praise, or even belly rubs! 

Repeat this step several times for days or weeks while extending the time your dog is inside the small dog backpack. For instance, you can keep them in the backpack for 10 seconds on Tuesday and add five more seconds in the next few days. 

Tip #4: Walk around with your dog inside the pet backpack

Does your dog look comfortable being inside the backpack with all zippers closed? If so, wear the backpack with your dog inside and walk around the house. It’s best to do this inside the house first and then in your backyard and neighborhood. This will help your dog get used to the motions and the experience of being inside the small dog carrier backpack.

Your dog’s first experience inside the dog backpack should be short and done in an environment they’re already familiar with. Rushing the process by taking your dog to an overstimulating place, say the public mall or beach while being inside the small dog chest carrier can cause stress.

Tip #5: Go out in public

Once your dog is already accustomed to being inside the dog backpack, it’s time to take them to public places while being inside it. If your dog doesn’t show any signs of stress as you carry them inside the dog cafrier backpack, take them to public areas, like beaches, malls, or parks. This will help your fur baby get used to being inside the small dog front carrier while being surrounded by new people.

It’s Easy When You Know How 

Getting your small dog accustomed to a new backpack carrier isn’t as challenging as it seems, right? After investing in a high-quality pet backpack, like the ones from Ibiyaya, follow the steps here. We guarantee you — the steps here are enough for your dog to love being inside their Ibiyaya backpack!  




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