How To Identify Authentic IBIYAYA Transparent Pet Carrier?

In 2012, IBIYAYA was the first to develop the idea of using transparent materials on pet transport carrier, and IBIYAYA transparent Pet Carrier is in great demand over the years.

Because they are so popular, many vendors make imitation Transparent Pet Carrier and sell them as the real thing.

When you’re looking for a deal on a Transparent Pet Carrier, whether online or in person, be sure you know how to identify an authentic IBIYAYA Transparent Pet Carrier.

  1.  Look for the tags. Authentic bags come with a printed tag or logo label of IBIYAYA.
  2.  Notice the quality of the materials. Ibiyaya Transparent Pet Carriers are made from eco-friendly EVA material and high-tenacity transparent materials, which are passed SGS quality test, ESCR, impact, and water proof test. Transparent side shells material, for example, it is able to stand the test of impact. A knock-off will be made of low-quality or imitation material, and the difference is stark.



3. Consider the price. A carrier that costs much less than the going rate is almost certainly an imitation one.

4. Examine the bag’s stitching.


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