Dog Training 101: How to Train Your Dog to Go to the Pet Bed

Teaching Your Dog the “Go to Bed” and “Stay” Commands Has Never Been Easier With This Video!

Did you recently buy a pet bed but notice your dog isn’t interested in using it? Worried that the pet bed will end up collecting dust? Learn how to teach your dog to go to his place with this video from Nate Schoemer.

In this video, Nate shows how you train your dog to recognize and follow the “go to bed” and “stay” commands. These commands are all it takes to ensure your dog uses their pet beds, and you’ll finally have your own space to sleep in every night!

Nate will teach you how to train your dog to get on and off his bed and everything you’ll need to know about leash pressure, terminal markers, continual reinforcement, and a lot more. This is definitely a highly informative video, and using it as a reference will help you and your pet bond together.

Watch Nate’s video as often as you need to, and train regularly with your pooch. Most importantly, remember to stay patient. Regardless of your dog’s age and breed, you must be patient at all times, as pets learn at different paces.

Nate Schoemer is a renowned dog training and canine educational expert and former US marine. He graduated at the top of his class in both the Professional and Master Dog Training programs at the Tom Rose School.

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