How to Travel with Your Pet Bird

Traveling with your pet bird is a fun experience. They’re great company, force you to slow down, and, most importantly, you’ll no longer have to leave them at home.

However, traveling with your pet bird also comes with challenges. For starters, you need to ensure that they remain safe and comfortable throughout the trip. Instead of enjoying your time together, they’ll end up being stressed if you fail to look after their needs.

Before you take your pet bird on adventures outside, take note of the information presented in this article. Here, we’ll provide easy-to-follow tips and tricks to make your upcoming trip with your pet bird one for the books!

By Car

By Public Bus or Train

By Plane

By Car

In general, most birds will be completely fine on a short car journey. But long trips can cause a lot of stress to them, especially when it’s their first time.

Your bird will feel more comfortable and less stressed if you plan ahead for the following:

Unsafe travelling in a car with bird

Choose the Right Bird Travel Carrier

Invest in a high-quality bird carrier backpack or bird travel backpack for your pet. Pick one that suits the size of your bird and allow them to move around. It’s also important to look for bird-friendly features, like a wooden perch inside and mesh windows, to keep your pet cool.

Introduce Your Pet to Their Bird Carrier

Your bird should feel at home inside their carrier backpack to minimize their stress. To achieve this goal, entice your pet to enter their bird cage backpack by using treats. This will help your pet associate their carrier with positive things and encourage them to stay inside for long periods.

Do Practice Runs

Once your pet enters the bird carrier backpack with perch, get them to stay inside for longer periods with the door closed. Put your pet inside the carrier with their favorite toy and treat, close the door securely, and pick up the pet bird cage backpack. Walk around the house while bringing the pet carrier so your bird gets used to the motion.

Give Them Anti-Stress Supplements

Consider giving your pet some anti-stress supplements before the car ride. These supplements effectively decrease your pet’s stress levels and help them relax throughout the trip.

Keep the Car Cool

Check the temperature of the car before going on a real car ride. A car that’s too cold or too hot will make your pet uncomfortable, no matter the size and type of bird carrier backpack they’re in. Ideally, the temperature inside the car should be the same in your home.

Bring the Essentials

Don’t forget to bring your pet’s food, water, toys,  and blanket during the car ride. Other helpful items, like perch, cage cover, foldable food bowls, paper towels and wipes, should also be packed ahead of time. The pet bird cage backpack should have pocket for the pet essentials.

Bird food photo by petshop.ph

Check Your Pet Often

During the car ride, make it a habit to check your pet often. If possible, make regular pit stops to ensure that your pet isn’t too stressed, their backpack carrier for birds isn’t too dirty, and they still have enough food and water. If the weather allows, take your pet out of the car to get some fresh air.

Look for Signs of Motion Sickness

Birds who aren’t used to car rides will likely develop motion sickness. Some of the most common signs of motion sickness in birds are aggression, panting, and severe head tilts. If you notice any of these, talk to your bird and soothe their anxiety before going back to the car.

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By Public Bus or Train

Public transportation can be scary for humans — much more for birds. Everything that happens on a bus or train is unpredictable and can cause too much stress to your feathered friend.

Fortunately, the right strategies can help your pet stay comfortable on public buses and trains.

Use a Bird Carrier Backpack with Perch

Bird bag carrier or bird travel backpacks come in different varieties. Narrow down your options by picking one based on the quality of the material and the size of your pet bird. It should also have an ergonomic design, so you can comfortably carry it around for hours.

Introduce the Carrier to Your Pet

Avoid forcing your pet to enter the bird bag carrier, as this will cause them to associate it with stress and fear. Instead, introduce the backpack carrier for birds using treats and toys to encourage your pet to enter. Remember to take things slow.

Practice First

When your pet becomes more comfortable inside the backpack carrier for birds, close the door, and let them stay there for longer periods. Walk around with the backpack on to accustom your pet to motion. If you’re going on a long bus or train ride, take your pet on short trips first.

Cover the Bird Carrier With a Blanket

When using a  bird bag carrier or bird travel backpack in public transportation, always cover it with a blanket. This is crucial as public transportation can be unpredictable — the sounds, smells, and sights inside a bus or train can stress out your pet.

Pack the Essentials

Pack enough food and water for the trip. For long bus and train rides, think about the stopovers and delays. It’s better to over prepare than to underprepared. Don’t forget to include other useful items, like paper towels and wipes, too.

How to Choose The RIGHT Toys for Your Bird : birdtricksstore.com

Recreate Your Pet’s Normal Environment After the Trip

Once you arrive at your destination, reintroduce your pet bird to their cage or recreate the environment they have at home. Offer their favorite treats and toys. These will make it easier for your pet to adjust and reduce stress.

By Plane

Taking your pet bird on a plane doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. As long as you plan for it, you can enjoy stress-free plane rides with your feathered friend!

Follow the tips listed below to ensure that your bird’s first plane ride is fun and enjoyable!

Learn the Policies and Basics Requirements

Before you book a flight with your pet, it’s important to answer the following questions first:

Does the international airlines allow pet birds on board?

Airlines that allow pet birds in the cabin:Airlines that allow pet birds in the cargo hold:Here are airlines that don’t allow pet birds on board:
Aeroflot, Airline, Air Europa, Air India, Alaska Air, Alitalia, Delta
Frontier, Iberia, Vueling
Aegean Air, Aeroflot Airline, Air India, Alaska Air, Alitalia, Finnair, Japan Airlines, WestJetSouthwest, Jet Blue and American Airlines

What bird species are allowed on planes?

In general, your pet bird must be a “household bird” in order to fly on commercial airlines. Some birds are illegal in some states or cities. For instance, it’s illegal to own quaker parakeets in California, Kansas, Hawaii, Tennessee, Georgia, and Wyoming.

Will your bird fly in the cargo or cabin of the plane?

The answer to this question depends on the following factors: the size of your bird, the airline you’re flying with, and where you’re flying to and from. Let us talk about these three below:

  • The size of your bird. Small pet birds are often allowed inside the cabin of most airlines, as long as their small bird backpack with perch fit under the seat in front. Large pet birds are only allowed to fly in the cargo of the plane. In general, bird pet owners aren’t allowed to buy extra seats for their birds to sit next to them.
  • The airline you choose. As previously mentioned, many airlines allow small pet birds on the cabin, while others require pet birds to fly as checked baggage. Take a look at the list we’ve presented above to determine if the airline you’re flying with allow pet bird on the cabin or in the cargo.
  • Where you’re flying to and from. Some airlines only allow pet birds in the cabin on certain routes. For instance, Delta Airlines only allow pet birds in the cabin if they’re able to fit inside a bird travel carrier backpack that fits under the seat in front of you.However, your small bird backpack carrier with perch has to be checked in as luggage when flying to and from the following international destinations: Australia, Barbados, Dakar, Dubai, Hong Kong, Iceland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.United Airlines, on the other hand, allows pet birds to travel inside the cabin for most flights within the US as long as you are using airline approved bird backpack carrier. However, this airline doesn’t allow pets on flights to, from, and through Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and other locations.

What are the requirements when booking a flight with a pet bird?

Most airlines will only allow two small pets in the cabin per passenger per flight. Therefore, you need to reserve and pay for your bird’s seat. Choose a direct, counter-to-counter flight to ensure that your pet bird will experience the safest and most comfortable flight. The shorter the trip is, the less stressful it’ll be for your pet. If possible, avoid flying with your bird during major holidays and weekends, as the influx of passengers can cause stress to your pet.

Get the Airline Approved Bird Backpack Carrier

Almost all airlines will only allow you to carry a pet bird  on board if they’re inside the right pet bird bag carrier or bird travel backpack. In general, pets inside the cabin should be carried in a hard- or soft-sided pet carrier that fits completely under the seat in front of you.

Additionally, the bird travel carrier backpack should be large enough for your bird to sit, stretch, and flap their wings. The bird travel bag should also have sufficient pocket for a water dish, a food dish, a toy, and a perch.

Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack for Birds – Airline approved bird carrier backpack

Prepare The Bird Carrier Backpack

After securing the right-sized pet bird bag carrier or bird travel backpack for your pet, prepare it for the flight. Start by labeling it with a note that says, “live animal,” so airline staff and other passengers will be extra careful around the carrier.

Next, cover the bird travel carrier backpack  with a breathable fabric to reduce your pet’s stress. Not seeing any commotion around them will help your pet stay comfortable throughout the flight.

Lastly, fill the bottom of your pet’s carrier with food. Depending on their diet, you might need to use pellets or seeds. Besides preventing your pet from being hungry during the flight, these also serve as a good bedding liner.

Identify Required Documents

You need to secure a health certificate from veterinarian to show that your pet bird is fit to travel. Health certificates are only valid for ten days, so obtain the document within ten days before your trip.

Prepare Your Pet Bird

Weeks before the flight, condition your pet bird for air travel by giving them stress-formula minerals and vitamins. These will help reduce their stress and lessen their risk of getting germs and bacteria from the flight.

Look for the Best Pet Carrier Backpack

Traveling with your pet bird isn’t an easy feat, but by following the right hacks, your next trip together can be fun and hassle-free. Start by choosing the right small bird backpack carrier or bird cage backpack, as this is necessary regardless if you’re traveling by car, public transportation, or plane with your pet bird!

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