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The summer heat is slowly fading into beautiful, crisp fall weather. Now is the perfect time to head outside when the warm, humid days are behind you and cold winter nights haven’t quite arrived. Autumn is the perfect season to be outdoors with your family and pets.

Take a walk in the woods
Take a walk in the woods

But autumn comes with some unique safety hazards. Between the shorter daylight hours, falling leaves, rain, and fog, you need to be prepared before heading outside. Here are just a few safety tips for you and your pet:

Prepare for Shorter Days

Along with the cooler weather comes shorter days during the fall. When you’re used to long summer nights, it’s easy to be surprised by how quickly it gets dark. You don’t want to be out on an after-dinner walk and get caught in the dark without any safety equipment. If you’re headed out with your pup, we recommend using theIbiyaya Bicycle Pet Trailer-Stroller . This trailer-stroller combo is easy to push or attach to your bike, and it has reflective strips and plates so drivers and other bikers and joggers can see you and your pup.

Ibiyaya Bicycle Pet Stroller (FS980)has round reflective plate and stripes.
Happy Pet Pet Wagon
Ibiyaya Bicycle Pet Trailer-Stroller has round reflective plate and stripes.

You also should attach a light to your bike and wear a reflective vest, or at least light colors. Be sure to put a light on your dog’s collar so that he or she can be seen if he or she happens to get away from you. It’s also a good idea to carry a flashlight and a first aid kit. These can be easily stored in the large pocket at the back or storage basket of the stroller.

Useful tools
Useful tools

Be Ready for Stormy Weather

Depending on where you live, fall can often bring chilly and stormy weather. Just like when you’re headed out at night, you need to be prepared with the right equipment. Before heading out on a walk, jog, or bike ride, be sure to pack an umbrella, rain jacket, and flashlight. Wear tennis shoes with good traction so you don’t slip, and bring a long-sleeved shirt in case it gets cold.

For your pup, make sure you can keep him or her warm and dry. While the stroller/trailer mentioned above is still a great option, you might want to consider the Ibiyaya Turbo Pet Jogger (FS801)when going for a run. Its rear wheel brakes and 360 degree swivel front wheels are easy to maneuver and have enough traction that you don’t have to worry about it sliding on wet cement or grass. It also has a roomy interior, so your pup can go inside and stay warm and dry. This pet jogger also has aone-click button folding mechanism, so you can quickly get it packed in the car without getting wet during a storm.

Turbo Pet Jogger with air filled tires and reflective stripes.
Turbo Pet Jogger with air filled tires and reflective stripes.

If you and your pup aren’t outdoorsy but still love to go out and about while the weather is nice, the EVA Pet Carrier-Backpack is the right tool for you. You can easily take your dog along on your vacation, business trip, or simply out to dinner at a local dog-friendly restaurant. This small pet carrier is a 5-in-1 combo so you can use it as a shoulder carrier, backpack, travel cart or pet car seat. This is a much safer way for you to take your dog with you without all the hassle of a crate or traditional carrier.

Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Combo Carrier. Comes with safety reflective stripes.
Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Combo Carrier. Comes with safety reflective stripes.











Ibiyaya cares about your Autumn outdoor safety; running with your dog, taking a walk in the autumn woods, or going on a field trip. Your needs, we heard it.

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