Ibiyaya Autumn Safety Gear for Pets

The summer heat is gradually giving way to wonderful, crisp autumn weather. When the warm, humid days are over and the frigid winter evenings haven’t come, it’s the ideal time to be outside. The autumn season is ideal for spending time outside with your family and pets.


Take a walk in the woods

But autumn comes with some unique safety hazards. Between the shorter daylight hours, falling leaves, rain, and fog, you need to be prepared before heading outside. Here are just a few safety tips for you and your pet:

Prepare for Shorter Days

During the fall, the days become shorter and the temperature drops. When you’re used to long summer nights, you may be shocked by how quickly it becomes dark. You don’t want to be trapped in the dark on an after-dinner walk without proper safety equipment. If you’re planning a trip with your dog, we propose the Ibiyaya Bicycle Pet Trailer-Stroller.This trailer-stroller combo is simple to push or connect to your bike, and it has reflective strips and plates to ensure that vehicles, other cyclists, and joggers notice you and your pet.

Happy Pet Bike Trailer for Large Dogs
Happy Pet Bike Trailer for Large Dogs



You should also connect a light to your bike and wear a reflector vest or something light-colored. Put a light on your dog’s collar so that he or she may be noticed if he or she escapes from you. It’s also a good idea to have a flashlight and first aid kit. These are conveniently placed in the stroller’s wide rear pocket or storage bin.

Useful tools

Useful tools

Be Ready for Stormy Weather

a variety of factors where you reside, fall might bring frigid and stormy conditions. Just like when you’re going out at night, you must be prepared with the necessary equipment. Before going for a stroll, jog, or bike ride, take an umbrella, rain jacket, and flashlight. Wear tennis shoes with high grip to avoid slipping, and pack a long-sleeved shirt in case it becomes cold.

Make sure your dog can stay warm and dry. The Ibiyaya Beast Dog Jogging Stroller is an excellent alternative for running, in addition to the stroller- trailer listed above. Its rear wheel brakes and 360-degree swivel front wheels are easy to control and provide enough grip to prevent it from slipping on damp cement or grass. It also offers a spacious inside so your dog can be warm and dry. This pet jogger also includes a one-click button folding mechanism, allowing you to swiftly load it into your car without getting wet during a rain.

The Beast Pet Jgging Stroller is aerodynamic design with shock absorption wheels

The EVA Small Pet Carrier with Wheelsis ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities even if they are not very adventurous. You may easily bring your dog along on a vacation, work trip, or even out to dinner at a local dog-friendly restaurant. This versatile small cat carrier with wheels functions as a shoulder carry, backpack, travel cart, and car seat. This is a more safer method to travel with your dog than using a crate or standard carrier.

Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Pet Carrier with Wheels. Comes with safety reflective stripes.

Ibiyaya prioritizes outdoor safety during fall activities such as running, walking, and field trips. We heard your requirements.

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