Kraft Purr Carrier Bag

Transporting your cat has now become a whole lot easier with our innovative Kraft Purr Carrier Bag. We know that cats would rather be in a paper bag or carton box rather than be caged in a hard plastic crate, that is why we created a carrier out of Kraft Paper. Since the special material mimics the feel of a paper bag, we had tested this carrier with numerous cats and they all LOVED it. With The Kraft Purr Carrier Bag, your cat will happily go into the carrier all by themselves. Here are the other features of the Kraft Purr Carrier Bag that you and your cat will LOVE! Here is why you and your cat will love the Kraft Purr Carrier Bag:
  • Supportive Structure
    • The opening of the bag is able to completely close, allowing your cat to feel protected and secure. 
    •  This bag also comes equipped with a locking zipper and anti-escape safety buckle. 
  • Breathable Material
    •  The highly breathable mesh window is thick and scratch-resistant, offering added protection and provides ventilation.
  • Fur-get the Dry Cleaners! 
    •  You can easily and repeatedly wash and air dry the removable odor-resistant padding as needed.
    •  Every wash helps add a unique texture to the bag, giving it a leather-like retro finish.
  • Made from Sustainable Fabrics
    •  The Kraft Purr Carrier Bag is made of biodegradable fiber, rendering it naturally decomposable.
    •  It is also proudly cruelty-free! 
We carefully designed this lightweight carrier to provide a comfortable space for your cat, and a stylish addition to your wardrobe. We know your cat will LOVE our special Kraft Paper product so you no longer have to worry about your cat feeling confined or unhappy with this purr-fect pet carrier. Click here to shop for your carrier bag!   
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