Monarch Premium Pet Jogger: The Future in Canine Luxury

Imagine you’ve just embarked on a lovely stroll outdoors with your beloved fur-kid, experiencing nature at its’ best first hand. The sights and sounds are always uplifting, but few creatures on earth can enjoy the diverse aromas surrounding environments have to offer.

With her spectacular sense of smell, thousands that of simple humans, your pup will truly take in everything!

  • Biologists today claim the avg. dog has a sense of smell 10,000-100,000 times better than their human owners. A cat has a sense of smell about 3X that of a human.

Walking Woes

On the other hand, every pet owner in America knows walking their dogs can sometimes prove… difficult. With all of those stimulating experiences to enjoy, our dogs just don’t seem to want to slow down!

Leashes, especially extendable flexi-leads, have a nasty habit of becoming wrapped around feet or other objects.  Larger breeds can sometimes literally be almost impossible to control, pulling their owner along with them as they bolt after some unknown object. Unless your pet is a licensed service dog, she isn’t allowed into most shops or other buildings.

  • Licensed American service dogs supersede nearly any and every anti-pet law out there. Even American airlines with a strict no-pet policy must accommodate service animals.
Elegant monarch pet stroller
Luxury Monarch Pet Stroller

Stroll into a Solution

We’ve all seen baby strollers; no one can argue the clear benefits there. Why not extend that idea from human babies to… Fur Babies! Taking your pet for a leisurely stroll is now as simple, well, shopping.

Your new Pet Jogger will make you the talk of the town, drawing looks from every corner. What is more adorable than a furry little (or big) cuddly pup in a stroller?

For the Small Pup

Traditionally, it’s all but impossible to take an 8 week old puppy for a walk. Miniature Toy Breeds, like Chihuahuas, tend to move slowly and suffer potential injury from collars. With the Monarch Premium Pet Jogger, these are now very real possibilities!

  • When attaching a leash, owners should consider harnesses, as opposed to collars, for puppies and toy breeds. Small dogs tend to be very delicate and injure easily. Never use slip-collars on such small animals.

Ultra Light Anodized Aluminum Frame

Consisting of a more scratch-resistant anodized aluminum gold frame, the Monarch Premium Pet Jogger weighs only 7.7kg, while supporting a whopping recommended weight of 28kg (61 pounds)!

One‐touch Linked Rear Brakes

With all wheel suspension, front locking swivel wheels, and one touch linked rear brakes, controlling your Pet Jogger could never be easier! Even down inclines, stroll with ease and confidence.

Luxury Gold & F1 Moto Elements

With Luxurious Gold & F1 Moto Elements, your Monarch Premium Pet Jogger will be the talk of the neighborhood; every pet owner will want to be like you! Inspire everyone by providing the absolute best for your beloved companion.

Why not take a look?


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