Restaurants Secret Menus for Your Travel Fido

If you take your dog everywhere you go (you do, don’t you?), you’re probably all too aware that meals and snacks can be a big problem. Few U.S. restaurants allow dogs inside unless they’re service animals. But just because the Health Department has a problem with dogs doesn’t mean the restaurants themselves do! In fact, there’s a whole network of restaurants with “secret menus” designed especially for your canine traveling buddy. While a steady diet of restaurant meals is no better for Fido than it is for you, most dogs are fine with an occasional treat, and you’ll be able to enjoy your own treat a lot better without those big, sad eyes staring at you pleadingly. Next time your adventures take you past one of these establishments, ask what they can whip up for your fur baby.

Puppies with pupchino

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While the barista is whipping up your Frappuccino, ask about a Puppuccino for your canine companion. Don’t worry; there’s no caffeine involved – just a cup of whipped cream that will make it possible for you to enjoy your own beverage with a minimum of guilt.

Dairy Queen
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This American favorite knows that it’s more fun to eat ice cream when your dog has some, too. Their answer is the “pup cup,” a mini helping of soft-serve vanilla complete with a dog biscuit on top.

Lazy Dog
dog-menu lazy dog puppy rice plate

As the name suggests, Lazy Dog restaurants have a soft spot for canine customers and their human companions, and most locations welcome them to their outdoor patios. If your fur baby wants his own meal instead of just nibbling off of yours, order him a puppy rice plate, which also comes with a generous serving of cut-up beef.

Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rocket offers a dog specialized menu.
Jonny Rocket offers dog menus. Items include doggie hamburgers, lickety split ice cream, and even pupcakes (nomz).

Visitors to Johnny Rockets locations with an outside patio can order a cut-up beef patty and a cup of water for their canine friends. The Victoria Gardens location in California has even teamed up with a doggy bakery to offer furry patrons a 20-item menu that includes such enticing offerings as Lickity Split Ice Cream and Pupcakes.

Shake Shack

If you stop by Shake Shack for a burger and shake, don’t forget to order something for your dog, too. The canine-specific menu makes it easy! Choose from items like the Poochini (dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard) or the Bag o’Bones (a bag of five dog biscuits).

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Traveling with your dog doesn’t have to mean gobbling a cheeseburger while you’re driving down the freeway. Pets are mostly prohibited from the restaurant, some are allows when you have them in the carrier or a small cage. When you plan your trip around restaurants where he will be as welcome as any other guest, the only other things he’ll need are a pet carrier or a pet cage.  For a more complete listing of dog-friendly restaurants, check out BringFido.com.

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