Stylish and Useful Cat Transportation Ideas


In the world of pet travel, the needs of our feline friends are often as diverse as their personalities. Recognizing this, Ibiyaya has emerged as a frontrunner in providing solutions that cater to the varied requirements of cat owners. Their range of rolling cat carriers and backpacks, including the NeoRider  and EVA are not just innovative but also align with the needs of modern pet parents.

These products stand out for their versatility, comfort, and compliance with airline standards, making them ideal for everything from a quick vet visit to international travel.

The NeoRider: A Dream Rolling Cat Carrier for Traveller

NeoRider Rolling Cat Carrier Stroller in One


For owners of larger breeds, finding a suitable carrier can be a challenge. The NeoRider steps in as a game-changer. This rolling cat carrier for large cats is designed with ample space, ensuring that your larger feline can travel in comfort without feeling cramped. Its sturdy build and smooth-rolling wheels make transportation effortless, whether you’re navigating crowded airports or city streets. The NeoRider’s cat rolling carrier-stroller robust design doesn’t compromise on style or functionality, making it a top choice for those who need a larger carrier that’s easy to handle.


EVA: Versatility and Comfort Rolled into One

EVA Rolling Cat Carrier

EVA Rolling Cat Carrier Stroller


The EVA 5-in-1 Cat Rolling Carrier stands out for its multifunctionality. It’s not just a rolling or cat trolley with wheels; it’s a convertible marvel that can be used as a pet backpack, shoulder carrier, car seat, and more. This adaptability makes the EVA an excellent choice for cat owners who require a versatile travel solution. The carrier’s design focuses on comfort for both the pet and the owner. With its breathable materials and padded straps, the EVA cat backpack trolley ensures that your cat remains cool and comfortable while you enjoy the ease of transport.


JetPaw: The Ultimate Airline-Approved Travel Companion

JetPaw Airline-Approved Cat Carrier- Stroller in One


Air travel with pets requires adherence to strict guidelines, and the JetPaw is Ibiyaya’s answer to this challenge. This cat carrier airline approved ensures it meets the size and safety requirements for cabin travel. The JetPaw’s innovative design allows it to expand, providing extra room for your cat to stretch and relax during long flights. Its versatility extends beyond air travel; the JetPaw stroller can be converted into a cat carrier attached to your rolling luggage, making it perfect for hands-free movement through busy terminals.


Conclusion: A New Era of Cat Travel

Ibiyaya’s range of rolling cat carriers and backpacks, including the NeoRider, JetPaw, and EVA, represent a new era in pet travel. These products are designed with the understanding that cats are not just pets but family members who deserve the utmost comfort and safety during travel. Whether you’re looking for a rolling cat carrier for a large cat, an airline-approved option, or a versatile rolling cat backpack, Ibiyaya has a solution that caters to your needs. Our commitment to quality, safety, and innovative design makes us a leader in the pet travel industry, ensuring that your feline companion travels in style and comfort, no matter the destination.

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