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Photo via Google Image

Photo via Google Image

Yes, the social media I am talking about

As a lifelong dog lover, one of my favorite things to do is read social media posts about dog shaming. You know the ones I mean – adorable photos of sheepish-looking pets with handwritten signs proclaiming their crimes. The fact that their human parents have a good sense of humor about these naughty adventures makes me feel okay about laughing until I cry. And do I ever!

Photo via Google Image
Photo via Google Image

I’ll share just a few of my favorites, courtesy of http://www.dogshaming.com:

Photo via dogshaming.com
Photo via dogshaming.com
  • “I eat anything plastic, barf it up, then eat it again. Please recycle.”
  • “My name is Sadie. I jumped the kennel and ate a month’s worth of horse supplements. Hopefully I won’t die.”
  • “I ate the pooper scooper.”
  • “My name is Fudge. I ate the pretty decorative Easter eggs my mom made with her kids when they were little.”
  • “I ate a full-sized bath towel that cost $747 to have removed.”
  • “Dear mom, I know you like designer shoes, so I made you some ‘Jimmie Chews.’ You’re welcome.”
  • “I ate grease from the grill, and it dripped on my head and left a stain 24 hours after my $50 grooming.”
  • “I ate my mom’s stethoscope.”
  • “I chewed my Uncle Aaron’s manicure set. You should be happy I didn’t cut myself.”

As funny as these are from the outside, they’re not quite so entertaining when they happen to you. My fur baby’s mission in life seems to be to prove that there isn’t anything she can’t destroy. (So far, she’s right.) What all of these naughty pooches have in common, though, is that they get into mischief when they’re left home alone. Think about it – dogs don’t do these things when you’re watching. They wait until you go somewhere without them, right?

So, next time, why not just take your dog with you? It makes for some good bonding time, it’s great socialization for your pet, and it will keep your house from being destroyed. And there are lots of products out there that make it more convenient than ever before.

If you have a tiny dog, try this dog carrier that looks just like a super-stylish purse. You can take your baby anywhere you go, and no one will be the wiser. Need a little more room? Try one of these dog totes. Both of these items are perfect for a quick trip to the grocery store or even lunch with the girls! Or, if you’d rather not do any heavy lifting, try one of these cute dog strollers.

Mini Pet Buggy   Black Tote Leisure Puppy Purse

Your dog just wants to be with you. Is that really too much to ask? Sure, sometimes it’s inconvenient, but products like these make it pretty easy. And it’s a lot better than sitting at home posting dog-shaming pictures of your destroyed possessions…right?

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