Topdogtips Reviews Ibiyaya’s Deep Sleep Dog Bed (And Loved It)

Because of its unique materials, topdogtips.com continue to showcase Ibiyaya products!

We’ve featured tons of reviews from topdogtips.com — and today, the pet website shares its review of our Deep Sleep Dog Bed and why it’s superior to other dog beds in the market. 

According to their review published on May 2023, “My favorite thing about this bed is that the POE foam won’t hold smells like traditional bed foam, cushions or mattresses. My dogs don’t have accidents on their beds, but their beds will still get a stinky “dog odor” after a couple of weeks of use.”


Topdogtips.com also shed some light on the number of certifications and safety tests Ibiyaya’s Deep Sleep Dog Bed passed. ICYDN, the Ibiyaya Deep Sleep Dog Bed passed the BV Safety Testing, meaning all the materials used are free of any harmful chemicals and heavy metals. This will put your mind at ease, knowing your pets are safe even if they sleep on our dog bed for hours or accidentally chew on it.

The review also mentioned how topdogtips loved how Ibiyaya’s Deep Sleep Dog Bed comes with a removable and machine-washable cover. They also listed the sizes of the bed — which comes in medium, large, and extra large sizes — and the dimensions of each.

The review published by topdogtips.com were made by having two dogs test out the products for months. And as of this writing, the reviewer is satisfied with the bed’s performance as it doesn’t show any signs of wear at all. The dogs looked comfortable and were able to sleep right next to each other in Ibiyaa’s Deep Sleep Dog Bed in XL.


In Conclusion

Seeing pet sites, like Topdogtips, love our products is music to our ears. It shows that we walk the talk and don’t give false promises to our customers.

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