Ibiyaya Ultralight Backpack Carrier: The Future of Pet Travel

Easter holiday is approaching; what are your exciting plans?
Is your furry little guy (or girl) part of those plans?
No vacation would be the same without that precious little fur-kid that you’ve grown up with, enjoying every little stage of development.

  • Eggs are a great source of very digestible protein, riboflavin, and selenium for your pup. Feeding an egg once in awhile can also promote a healthy coat and skin!


Traveling With Your Pet

Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country plane flight or an interstate road trip, adequate preparation ahead of time is always important.

  • Do you have enough food and water? You can purchase plastic ‘travel’ water bowls at your local pet store.
  • Have you planned for scheduled potty breaks?
  • Have you prepared your pup’s bladder for a lengthy plane ride (if traveling via air)?


Is your pet well vaccinated? Rabies is the only legally mandated vaccination (for both dogs and cats), but there are several that you should consider. Have you vaccinated for Parvovirus? Distemper? Bordetella? Kennel Cough? Is your pet up to date with his heart worm medication? How about flea preventative?

  • Bats are the largest carrier of Rabies in the United States. Many owners still don’t bother to vaccinate their cats. Since cats are nocturnal hunters and more likely to contract the disease from these creatures….

Public Travel & Socialization

Many owners don’t want to desensitize their pets to complete strangers, which makes perfect sense. You don’t want your pup happily greeting any possible intruders with enthusiastic, joyful kisses.

However, consider the reaction an unsociable dog might have in an enclosure full of complete strangers, especially if one attempts to pet the dog (children often do). Dogs that aren’t accustomed to being around people, especially large groups of people, are likely to suffer from heightened anxiety.
Making sure your pup is well socialized with people and other animals he may encounter could be vital to the success of your travels!


It is highly unlikely a young child is ever going to break into your house. Children often don’t understand when it may or may not be appropriate to interact with others’ pets; it is especially important your dog is well socialized with children!

Walking the Pup

Puppies and small breed dogs can sometimes be all but impossible to walk, bolting this way and that with no real sense of direction. Instead of dealing with the strenuous task of keeping your little one on coarse in a heavily populated area, why not carry him in his own comfortable little enclosure on your back instead?

  • Small dogs are sometimes hard to see, and can not only create a tripping hazard, but possible injury for both parties.

It’s Not Just a Backpack

Need both hands free when outdoors? What about somewhere to carry your pup? Of course this innovative carrier isn’t just a backpack, but a temporary place for pet to sleep in when away overnight from home.

Carry your pooch with ease this season using a colorful backpack of your own! Feel secure in the fact he is always with you. The backpack’s easy to store design will never lose its’ shape, keeping your beloved pet feeling safe and secure.

Of course this convenient little pack isn’t limited to dogs! From cats to rabbits to gerbils, transport any small animal with ease. With a recommended weight limit of 8KG/17.6lbs, travel with your little guy in safety this season!

  • Securely carry your pet while allowing for hands free movement!
  • A built-in safety leash will keep your little one safe and secure.
  • The Ultra-light Backpack is foldable into a flat position for easy storage.
  • Side mesh pockets store water, supplies and treats for easy access!

With an upward facing handle, you can not only carry this on your back, but turn it into an easily transportable crate-like case as well. Comfortable straps and a padded back make this carrier feel as natural as the clothes you are wearing!


Make sure to associate positive experiences with your backpack! Relate wonderful things; act like it is the most amazing thing ever when your pup enters his backpack. Through a process of Desensitization, your pup will absolutely love his pack!

Without a doubt, any pet owner will draw envious attention with their ultralight Backpack carrier, and the cuter-than-cute pet within.

Why not take a closer look?


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