How to Walk in Your Neighborhood with Your Pet in Style


Pet owners would love to walk around the neighborhood with their fur babies without compromising their own or their pets’ safety and comfort. They don’t want to show up in public with their pets looking too casual — many of them would want to style their pets with clothes, carriers, strollers, harnesses, and leashes. Besides, pet owners will have more reasons to post their cute pets on their social media profiles if they’re appropriately styled.

Walking around your neighborhood with your pet is like hitting two birds with one stone as it serves as exercise for both of you. Walks also release energy, help pets sleep better at night, and encourage them to socialize. But what if I told you you could use this opportunity to style them and show off how fashionable your pets are?

There are plenty of ways to style your pets, and these hacks guarantee their comfort and safety. With the tips listed below, your pets can look good and feel good as you walk with them around the neighborhood.

Put Clothes on Your Pets

One of the easiest ways to walk in your neighborhood with your pets in style is to let them wear clothes. Pet stores today sell a wide variety of clothes intended for pets of different sizes and breeds. You can even buy pet clothes to suit different occasions, like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.

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If your pets don’t mind wearing clothes, you can even buy shoes and hats for them. Do you live in a state like Alabama, Florida, or Mississippi where it always rains? Style your pets with colorful raincoats. Are you from Arizona, Louisiana, Kansas, or other sunny states? Look for hats perfect for your pets’ sizes.

For your pets to get all the attention from your neighbors and friends, consider dressing them up in fun, quirky costumes, too. Today, you can dress your pets to look like a cowboy, hotdog, lobster, or even an Amazon delivery guy — your options are endless!

Use a Stylish and Quality Pet Carrier

To ensure you travel with your pets in style, invest in high-quality pet carriers or strollers. You should only use pet carriers manufactured by an ISO company that offers a warranty and ensures quality. Although convenient and cheap, DIY pet carriers can cause injuries to your fur babies.

Pet carriers, strollers, and pet backpacks from a well-established company, like Ibiyaya, are worth every dollar because they’re made from high-quality, pet-friendly materials. Using any of these will not only make your pets look stylish, but it also keeps your hands free, allowing you to do other things while on a walk.

Since pet carriers come in different types and sizes today, always pick one based on your need . In general, you’ll have to choose between the following:

    • Stroller: If you usually bring many things when you take your pets for a walk, consider buying pet strollers. These come with several compartments where you can store your pets’ food, treats, water, and diapers. Pet strollers also come in different sizes, so you can pick one that suits your pets’ sizes.
      • The multifunction pet stroller: For pet owners who have multiple travel objectives, a 5-in-1 stroller is an excellent option. As the name suggests, this product can be converted into a pet shoulder bag, backpack carrier, pet car carrier, stroller, and a pet carrier with wheels. Talk about versatility!
      • Double decker stroller: Do you always end up exhausted after taking two dogs on a walk? A Double decker stroller is the solution to your problem. This type of stroller comes with two cabins, so you can bring two pets with ease. This pet stroller is known as a privacy friendly stroller perfect for malling and dining with friends.

      Photo by: Ririchao

    • Carrier: Pet carriers are great options if you have a small dog or cat. Pet carriers have bigger mesh to ensure your pet’s comfort. They also have an extra tether to warrant your pet’s safety and are travel-friendly, so you won’t have any problems using them around your neighborhood. Because they’re made from breathable, high-quality, crack-resistant material, putting your dog in a pet carrier will protect them from injuries and any discomfort.
    • Bird backpack: Do you want to spend more time with your bird around your neighborhood? Place your little bird inside a bird bag made especially for them. This will make it easier for you to take your bird anywhere with you without worrying about their whereabouts. Bird backpacks are a smart investment because they’re made with polyethylene that can withstand wear and tear, and are easy to maintain. You can even customize your bird backpack to put your pet’s name and your contact number. This will surely keep your pet safer!

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  • Cat backpack: You can also purchase a cat backpack for your feline friend. Cat bags act as a safe space for your cat, so they can feel less scared as you walk them in and around your neighborhood. Cat bags have mesh surfaces, so your pet can view the environment around them. They’re also made from weather-proof materials, allowing you to take your pet on walks regardless of the weather. And the best part? Cat backpacks come with scratching posts to keep your pet busy during walks.
  • Dog sling: If you want to be closer to your pet and more stylish than a regular pet carrier, a dog sling is the answer. Why choose a dog sling over a backpack or shoulder bag, you might ask? A dog sling provides better monitoring and improves the pet-owner relationship. It’s an excellent option for pet owners who are athletic and cool! Ideally, you should choose a dog sling backpack that’s innovatively designed, made from breathable and lightweight fabric, and has padded shoulder and back straps to lessen stress. It should also be travel friendly and comes with pockets, so you can store your own and your pet’s essentials.

Buy a Leash or Harness

Letting your pets wear a leash or harness is a must when taking them for walks, but do you know that you can use this to make them look more stylish? As mentioned, pet products have become very common today, including pet leashes and harnesses.

Nowadays, you can easily find a leash or harness that comes in colorful prints or vibrant colors. You can even buy one that comes with a mini backpack, making your pets look cuter. To keep your pets safe, you can even pay for personalized harnesses and have your contact number printed.

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Comfort Comes First

When choosing how to style your pet, always prioritize their comfort. Seeing your pet in extreme pain or discomfort as you try to style them is every pet owner’s worst nightmare.

Always pick pet clothes and accessories that fit your pet’s size, breed, and temperament. Your pets will surely love walking around the neighborhood with you if you let them wear or use items that guarantee their comfort!


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