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IBIYAYA 5-in-1 Multiple Functions Pet Stroller

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If you’re like me, your pet goes where you go. You’d no more leave your fur baby behind than you would your human child. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t complicate things on vacations and other adventures. Sometimes, I take IBIYAYA’s 5-in-1 Multifunction Pet Stroller with me to make things easier.

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I know you’d probably rather just hold your fur baby in your lap when you travel, but that’s not always practical. If I’m just going from point A to point B and need a way to transport my pet safely – and without annoying non-animal lovers – this is what I take. It pops off easily and doesn’t take up much space.

Since I don’t always stick to paved roads when I travel, I get a lot of use out of the backpack function. It’s great for those times when the ground doesn’t really lend itself to a stroller, but you also want to keep your hands free. My fur baby has had all kinds of adventures in our backpack, including hiking mountain trails in a snowstorm!

While my dog loves riding with his head hanging out the window, I’m a stickler for safety. The detachable carrier makes a great car seat, and it can also make anxious travelers feel a little more secure.

Now let’s talk practicality. After a long drive, your fur baby is probably going to be ready for some freedom. I know mine is! But that’s not always practical. Sometimes you just have other stuff to lug; sometimes you have to dodge the street crowds on a holiday weekend. I love this function because I can put some of my other bags on the cart, too. It makes things easier rather than harder.

And then there’s the stroller mode. My fur baby is a senior and isn’t really up to long hikes, so sometimes he needs to bum a ride, and that’s when this stroller becomes my best friend. My pet is safe and comfy, it’s easy to steer, and it’s even got a snack tray and a cup holder for me.

Only somebody who understands pet owners and knows what it’s like to travel with one could come up with a product that makes it so easy.


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