4 Wheel Pet Stroller

luxury 4 wheel stroller for dogs

4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Ibiyaya 4 wheel pet strollers are all certified SGS standards, spacious, and highly movable with its 360-degree front swivel wheel. Each 4 wheel dog stroller has individual unique features. The Speedy Fold Pet Buggy is easy to open and fold while the Double Decker 4 wheel dog stroller is designed for 2 small dogs or cats with a separate cabin for pet privacy.

The Gentle Giant Pet Wagon is known for large breed dogs and even old or sick dogs. All 4 wheel pet strollers can hold 2 or more small pets depending on each capacity.

For a luxury dog stroller best for dining at classic restaurants, the Retro Luxe foldable dog stroller is well recommended. It is known as a mall-friendly stroller because of its safety features and smooth running.

The Grand Cruiser large dog stroller is the latest and one of the extra-large dog strollers for large breed dogs. Because it is designed with the cabin lower to the ground, it is also best for injured and aging dogs. It has a portable dog ramp with a dirt cover to help aging pets get inside the cabin effortlessly.

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