Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Traveling? All good! With our airline approved pet carriers, flying with your pet is a breeze!

Airlines have authorized pet carriers from Ibiyaya, so you can rest assured that your four-legged buddy will be secure and comfortable on the plane with you. Most airplane seats can accommodate the Ultralight Diamond de Luxe airline approved under seat pet carrier without restricting any legroom or infringing on other passengers’ comfort! In addition, it is compatible with all domestic and international airlines, including American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, KLM Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, and others.

The Ultralight Pro Backpack is an airline approved under seat pet carrier that can carry up to 7 kg and is a hands-free pet carrier. Even when your pet is napping or behaving impeccably, this bag can be used as an airline-approved front pack!

We propose the Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier Plus for even more visibility on long flights. Even if they’re tucked up under your seat, you can always see what’s going on inside thanks to the clear bubble.

Consult your local travel agent for information on transportation policies for airline approved carry on pet carriers or read this article.

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