Bunny Carrier Bags

Rabbit carrier bags to hop on an adventure!

Ibiyaya has a variety of rabbit strollers, rabbit carrier bag, and rabbit carrier backpack that our pet owners can choose from based on their lifestyle, preferences, and the number of their pet rabbits. All of our bunny travel carrier are SGS compliant, so you are sure that your rabbits are safe and secure while traveling with you.

For rabbits that love to explore, we recommend the 5-in-1 combo EVA Bunny Travel Carrier-Stroller, as it can be used as a stroller, rabbit carrier backpack , rabbit carrier bag, pet carrier with wheels, and a bunny car carrier. For buns on the go, this is our most versatile product that can allow your bun to explore the most.

We also have bunny carrier bag such as the New Liso Backpack Parellel Transport, which will give your bunny the most comfortable experience while trailing terrain.

The Two-tier rabbit carrier backpack allow you to bring bring two-rabbit while hiking which  will keep your bunny safe and secure.

We also have Ultralight Pro bunny backpack carrier suited to your pet jogging, trail hiking and small rabbit airline carrier needs.

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