Cat Scratcher Furnitures

Do you always end up with damaged furniture because of your cat’s excessive scratching? Worried that more valuables will end up unusable because your cat scratches them all the time? Good news — Ibiyaya now has cat scratchers that can satisfy their natural urge to scratch!

Ibiyaya recently launched two cat scratchers: the Fold-Out Cat Scratching Pad and Hide-Out Scratching Post. Both are made from high-quality and durable materials, have several scratching surfaces, and are aesthetically pleasing to match your home’s interiors. These cat scratchers are also foldable, making them excellent options for small homes.

The Fold-Out Cat Scratching Pad has two scratching surfaces, which will surely keep your cat happy and busy for long periods. The Hide-Out Cat Scratching Post has three scratching surfaces and a hemp rope and can be folded into different shape combinations.

Buy either (or both) of our cat scratchers and let your cat scratch to their heart’s delight!

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