Detachable Pet Stroller

Dog Stroller with Detachable Carrier

The Ibiyaya Dog Stroller with Detachable Carriers is designed for small and medium-sized dogs or multiple small pets. As always, these products are SGS certified that guarantee durability, aesthetic design, ergonomic construction, and environmentally friendly materials. The Eva 5-in 1 detachable pet stroller is the world’s most versatile model because it can be a small pet stroller, dog carrier with wheels, shoulder bag, dog car booster, and a small backpack with wheels. The first of its kind. The best thing is it is foldable and its compact size can be a handbag. Perfectly all in one!

The Ibiyaya Travois and Cleo is a detachable pet stroller for medium-sized dogs. It has EN1888 certification and is multifunctional with highly maneuverable wheels. They have enhanced pet safety features, are made with breathable fabric, and are resistant to splash.

Ibiyaya designs are known for multifunctional, ergonomics, comfort, pet safe, and certified products.

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