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Hard Rock Transparent Hardcase Pet Carrier

SKU: FC1220-HR ▉Hard Rock

The transparent hard case pet carrier shows off your fashion taste with the see-through design. The carrier is collapsible and easy-fold.  It maximizes ventilation via the polka-dot shaped aeration holes and a side mesh pet entrance. The removable pad has a special diaper friendly design; Diapers can be easily fixed or removed.

Patent pending ultra-lightweight pet carrier. 
Convenient and space-saving: Detachable, collapsible and easy-fold design. 
Maximized ventilation and visibility. 
Removable pad for easy clean; Pet diaper can be easily fixed and removed from the pad. 
Safety tether and padded shoulder strap are included.
◆ Patent registered number #D-20-10-1010002

Available Color:
Leopard  Lightening  Floral
▉Hard Rock  Valentine  Honeysuckle  Dogs&Cats  Woof

$ 55.99