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CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller

SKU:FS1591-D  ▉Denim

Denim fun! Large space in the cabin. Enough of the black color? here is another option;  you don’t need to worry about if the fabric gets dirty, and stay stylish. The side tubing has “CLEO” printing, with a matte white paint finish.

◆ Multi-functional: Basket/Stroller/Carseat.
◆ Stylish Denim Cabin.
◆ Cabin thickness is merely 5cm when folded.
◆ High quality white matte tubing.
◆ Double-sided opening with Velcro closures
◆ Ergonomic angle adjustable handlebar.
◆ Water-repellent.
◆ Safety reflecting strips and plate.
◆ Anti-pinch stroller joint.
◆ Cabin has straps, can be used as a basket.
◆ Large side pockets.

$ 239.95