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Grey Jeans

Speedy Fold Pet Buggy


Consider a foldable pet stroller that, when folded, is smaller than our pet. Doesn’t it seem impossible? Fortunately, the Ibiyaya Speedy Fold Dog Buggy stroller for medium-sized pets does exist. Innovative and convenient to transport!

The name of the Ibiyaya Speedy Dog Buggy stroller says it all. It’s a tiny and portable pet stroller that folds quickly, making it ideal for a busy lifestyle. You may forget about the inconvenience of traditional strollers in the market thanks to its ingenious specialized design. The lightweight and compact design make it portable and easy to store when not in use.

What’s more, it goes with just about everything! Are you going for a drive? Taking a plane ride? There’s no need to be concerned; this foldable dog buggy stroller is ready to go.

◆ The Ibiyaya pet stroller for medium dogs or multiple small pets is designed with a one-hand fold technique that allows it to be compacted into a tiny footprint in three seconds. Available in camouflage & grey jeans colors.
◆ The foldable dog stroller is easy to store in the trunk of a car or in the overhead compartment of a plane. For safely and correctly unfolding the stroller, there is a comfortable foam grip and a surefire indicator.
◆ The frame is strong and robust, with a flat tube shape that follows the newest trends in baby strollers while you can keep an eye on the pet through the peek-a-boo canopy window.
◆ When not in use, the large breathable mesh window at the front may be effortlessly tucked away.
◆ This foldable medium-sized dog stroller has a large interior and thick, wear-resistant body fabric. It can hold up to 20kg. Because this dog buggy can accommodate two puppies, it comes with two safety tethers.
◆ It has troller tires that are quick-release, shock-absorbent, wear-resistant, and easy to manage. It has locking zipper-equipped apertures to keep dogs or cats from escaping. There are two cup holders in the back and a large storage basket underneath the cabin for your pet food and water.
◆ The wheels can be locked in a straight-ahead position for running or left swiveling for simple walking.
◆ This medium-sized dog stroller meets the SGS standard for infant strollers and is made entirely of new materials. It also passed the EU EN1888 certification.
◆ A travel bag can be purchased separately

$ 208.94

CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller

SKU:FS1591-D  ▉Denim

Have some denim fun! The cabin has a lot of space. Have you had your fill of black? Here’s another option: you won’t have to worry if the fabric gets soiled, and you’ll still look attractive. The side tubing features a matte white paint finish with a “CLEO” logo print. Cleo Travel System is a medium dog stroller with four wheels that is ideal for city life.

◆ Dog strollers for medium dogs and multiple cats with a detachable pet carrier
◆ In one package, you get a pet travel carrier, a car seat booster, and a medium dog stroller.
◆ It can hold up to two small dogs and has a capacity of 20 kilograms (44 lbs) with cabin dimensions of L53 W30 H58 (cm). Its 360-degree swivel front wheels constructed of EVA material can take the pressure even when fully loaded.
◆ It has spacious side pockets and a stylish cabin made of water repellent and non-tearing denim. When in use, the CLEO medium dog stroller has a big cabin, yet when folded, it is only 5cm thick for convenient storage and transit.
◆ Double-sided opening with safety velcro closures with a ventilation mesh and roll-up flap to protect the rear peep window. This dog stroller for medium dogs comes with two tethers for enhanced safety.
◆ Reflective strips and plates, high-quality white matte tubing with CLEO branding, ergonomic angle adjustable handlebar, and anti-pinch stroller joint
◆ CLEO dog strollers for medium dog is part of the Ibiyaya history of folding dog stroller with detachable carriers that are developed to meet SGS standards and stress-crack resistance tests while remaining creative.

$ 239.95