Multiple Pet Stroller


Multiple Pet Strollers

We know — having multiple pets isn’t easy. You’ll likely have to leave some (or worse, all) at home whenever you go out, as bringing too many pets can be inconvenient. Good news — you’ll never have to worry about this problem anymore because we have designed strollers that can accommodate two to four pets, depending on their sizes. 

Our line of multiple pet strollers includes medium-sized strollers, which support up to 20 kgs of weight, perfect for two small dogs, cats, and even bunnies! One of our favorite medium-sized two-dog strollers is the Cloud 9 Pet Stroller. It has breathable mesh windows and a sunroof to keep your pets comfortable while being out and about! 

We also have large-sized strollers that fit two-medium sized pets weighing up to 30 kgs in total. If you’re looking for a high-quality two-dog stroller, we highly recommend the Happy Pet Bike Trailer / Jogger 2.0. It’s also ideal for cats, bunnies, and other medium-sized pets and offers many safety features. 

Our line of multiple pet strollers doesn’t stop there — we also have the best pet strollers for two dogs, cats, or bunnies, even if they have already reached their full size. Our Noah All-Around Beach Wagon can withstand a total weight of 50 kls, allowing all of your pets to jog, run, or stroll with you. 

Ibiyaya offers the best strollers for multiple pets. So whether you want a 2-cat, 2-bunny, or 2-dog stroller, check our site today, and we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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