Luxury Pet Bunny Strollers

Collection of Ibiyaya Bunny Strollers

Ibiyaya is best for multi-functional strollers for bunnies. The Eva Combo Pet Carrier Stroller is known as the most versatile rabbit stroller on the market because it has a 5 in 1 function perfect for different travel situations. It can be a bunny carrier backpack or a car seat carrier. The Eva 5in1 is tested for more than 8 hours of non-stop car travel and still keeps the pet inside comfortably. Eva is available in brown, green, orange, blue, and pink. Ladies will definitely love the pink rabbit stroller.

The Travois Tri-fold and New Cleo Travel Pet Stroller is a traditional detachable rabbit stroller that is ideal for mall strolling, conferences or meetings, dining with friends, and parties. It is perfect for an urban lifestyle. Both the Travois and Cleo are foldable, and their cabins are useful as bunny car seat carriers.

The Double Decker Pet Bus is one of the best bunny stroller designed comfortably for two rabbits with two separate carriers. It is known as the “privacy friendly stroller.” All Ibiyaya pet bunny strollers are SGS certified and created with safety in mind.

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