Pet Car Seat Booster

Ibiyaya is a well-known pet product manufacturer that produces multifunction strollers and carriers. We are also famous for the best cat-dog car seat booster designed to fit small to large-sized pets. The best thing about the Ibiyaya pet booster car seat is the quality, based on the SGS standard, and our unique design, which earned Ibiyaya product patents.

The Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack with Window and Waist Strap is the newest pet backpack that has multiple functions, like a cat car seat booster and an airline-approved cat carrier that perfectly fits under the seat of your cabin. Designed with ergonomics in mind, this latest model is the best for any travel goal with your pet by your side.

Lavada Pet Luggage is a luxurious dog booster car seat with wheels. It has four aircraft-grade suitcase-grade and 360-degree swivel wheels. The Two-Tier Pet Backpack is a double cat car seat booster for dogs and cats. The two separate cabins can be combined to fit a medium-sized dog. The EVA Multifunction Pet Carrier-Stroller combo is well recommended for small dog-cat car seat boosters that can also be used for your favorite rabbits. It has been tested for a 12-hour car ride, and still the two cats inside are sitting comfortably.

The Cleo and Travois are strollers with a detachable cabin that are best as cat-dog car seat boosters. The styles of these two models are perfect for mall strolls and dinner dates. If you like adventure and hiking during the weekends, the Two Tier Dog Backpack is your best bet. Use it as a pet car seat booster while driving and as a pet hiking backpack while trekking.

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