Pet Chest Carrier

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With your pet, we know you’re in good spirits. If you’re looking for a long-lasting dog chest bag, you have four options. The Hug Pack Sling Front Carrier, Adventure car carrier backpack-frontpack, New Denim Fun Lightweight Pet Backpack, and the Ultralight Pro Backpack Carrier are 2-way and can both serve as a dog front pack as well as a backpack. Both are lightweight and ergonomically designed for pet transportation on the go.

It is also possible to use any Ibiyaya chest bag for a conventional pet backpack. The Ultralight Pro Backpack Plus is popular because of its sleek design, light weight, good ventilation for comfort, and washable padding​​.

For the adventure-loving cat owners, our Cat Front Pack & Backpack Combo is a must-have. This versatile carrier can be easily transformed from a snug front pack to a secure backpack, accommodating your feline friend’s comfort and your travel needs. Its ergonomic design ensures a stress-free experience for both you and your pet, making it ideal for various outdoor activities.

Dog owners seeking a convenient solution for their small furry companions should consider our Dog Chest Carrier Bag. This carrier, specifically designed for small dogs and puppies, offers a comfortable and secure way to carry your pet close to your heart. Known as the Hug Pack Dog Carrier, it’s perfect for bonding with your pet while on the go, providing a safe and cozy space for them to relax.

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