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Spoil Your Puppies With Strollers Designed Especially For Them

Multifunctionality, safety, comfort, and quality all play a role in the design of Ibiyaya’s puppy strollers. Our collection of best puppy strollers comes in a variety of sizes and offers tons of features, so you can choose the best stroller for your fur baby. 

Our Double Dog Pet Stroller continues to be a favorite among many pet owners. It features two-level cabins, perfect for households with multiple pets. Both cabins of this small puppy stroller are durable — the top bunk has a capacity of 6 kg, while the bottom bunk can support up to 15 kg of weight.

If you’re looking for more versatility, we recommend the Travois Tri-Fold Medium Pet Stroller. It’s a single product but offers three different functions: use it as a stroller, pet sling carrier bag, or car booster seat. This small puppy stroller has a soft bottom pad to keep your fur baby comfortable during long trips outside.

Planning to spoil your puppy with travels in and around the city? If so, our 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier Stroller Combo (color options: pink, blue, orange, green, brown) is the perfect option for you. This is our most multifunctional pet product yet as you can transform it into a shoulder bag, backpack carrier, puppy stroller, car seat booster, and pet carrier with wheels. This product is guaranteed to keep your adventure-seeking pup happy today until they become adults! 

To learn more about the best small puppy strollers, click on each product photo to see its features.

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