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Keep your pet close to your heart

Looking for a method to carry your canine companion with you wherever you go? The Ibiyaya Hug Pack Dog Sling Carrier will become your new traveling companion.

This Ibiyaya dog sling carrier is excellent for small dog that like to cling and is convenient for walking through the mall or taking the train to work. The interior pet padding guarantees your pet’s comfort, while the cushioned straps enhance comfort and stability. Long trips are made more comfortable and supported by the sturdy and supportive bottom and back support strap. Additionally, the puppy carrier sling safety tether and full-coverage security mesh provide comfort and solitude for fearful pets. The puppy or small dog chest carrier conveniently folds up for storage when not in use. In the event that your pet has an accident, you can also put a pee pad in the bottom compartment to make cleanup a breeze.

  • Comfy & supportive, ergonomic design and intimate bonding
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
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  • Free Shipping
Specification & Measurement
  • Recommended Weight Limit: 4KG/9lbs
  • Net. W.: 970G/2lbs
  • Carrier Measurements: L35 W27 H11 (cm); L14 W11 H4 (in)
  • Accessories: Safety tether x1
Maintenance & Care
  • Spot cleaning, handwash. Cold.
  • Do not expose the puppy carrier sling to sun directly.
  • Dry flat in shade.
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This item: Hug Pack Dog Sling Carrier, Best Puppy-Small Dog Chest Carrier for Walking - Ibiyaya

In stock

$ 129.00
$ 129.00
$ 15.00

Keep your pet close to your heart Hug Pack Dog Sling Carrier

Top benefits for pet parents

Pawsome design for your fur babies


  • Keep your dog close. Small dogs who cling to you are the ideal candidates for this small dog sling carrier because it keeps them close to you and gives them a sense of security. This is especially useful for nervous dogs or dogs who are unfamiliar to or uncomfortable in pet strollers since it gives them the impression that their owners are nearby.
  • Airy and light-weight. The Ibiyaya Hug Pack puppy carrier sling wrap is made of a thin, breathable material that will keep you and your dog cool even on the hottest of days. Air may still flow through the full-coverage security mesh to save your pet from overheating. This small dog carrier sling keeps your dog near while providing good ventilation.
  • Back and shoulder straps with padding. This dog chest carrier padded straps offer stability and comfort for both you and your pet, making it perfect for lengthy commutes or mall strolls. Additionally, the back support strap equally disperses your pet’s weight, making it more comfortable for both you to wear and your pet to remain in for extended periods of time.
  • The absolute comfort of your dog. Your dog will be secure and at ease in the sling thanks to the inner pet cushioning because it will feel soft against their head and body. On the other hand, this dog sling bag firm bottom offers support for both of you, allowing them to feel safe and stable inside the sling.
  • Keep your dog safe and content. The full coverage security mesh attachment provides seclusion when your pet is in an overly stimulating area, such as the mall or while traveling by train, and the safety tether gives you comfort in knowing that your pet is safe in the dog carrier sling.
  • Effortless cleanup. The water-resistant fabric used to make this puppy or small dog chest carrier is very simple to clean. Additionally, it is machine washable. Simply take the base out and wash it on the delicate cycle in the washer. If your puppy has any accidents while out and about, it will be simple to clean up with this puppy pouch sling’s waterproof-lined area for a pee pad.
  • Travel-friendly. There is a side bottle compartment and side pockets for your things on this puppy chest carrier. Additionally, it is portable and lightweight, and its design makes it suitable for lengthy journeys. The demands of both you and your dog were considered when designing this small dog sling carrier
  • Warning: This puppy or small dog chest carrier is only intended to transport small animals that weigh no more than 4 kg (8.8 lbs). A pet that weighs more than this weight may be dangerous to place.

11 reviews for Hug Pack Dog Sling Carrier, Best Puppy-Small Dog Chest Carrier for Walking – Ibiyaya

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  1. I purchased this item for my mini Dachshund when she was 8 weeks old. Now at 12 weeks old, she feels extremely secure and at ease in it. I believe she won’t grow beyond 8 pounds, so I plan to use this for a significant duration. Whenever I visit different stores and restaurants, I’ve been permitted entry as long as Daisy remains in the sling. Surprisingly, many people don’t even notice there’s a dog in there! This is perfect Dachshund sling carrier!!!

  2. I purchased this dachshund sling carrier specifically for my trip to St. Augustine, and my dachshund absolutely adored it. Despite being a year old, she tends to feel anxious around unfamiliar individuals. While exploring, I would occasionally take her out of the carrier for a short walk, but she would often request to be placed back inside to be carried. Although I initially thought it might be warm for her, she enjoyed the cozy feeling of being cuddled and surprisingly handled encounters with people quite well while using it. It turned out to be a fantastic purchase for our trip. St. Augustine was an amazing destination, especially for dog owners, as many places had water bowls available outside their shops. Even outdoor restaurants provided water bowls, some even with ice.

  3. Purchasing small dog sling bag like this online can be challenging. Since every dog is unique, this particular product doesn’t fit our little 11-pound Shi Tzu perfectly. He tends to move around a bit inside the sling bag, and the fabric isn’t particularly breathable. Although he tolerates being in it when he’s tired, it’s not exactly his preferred method of travel.

  4. My 3-pound dog adores this dog sling carrier bag. She rides in it with great comfort, and it’s easy to carry. The only minor inconvenience is that it can be a bit challenging to get her in and out of it. However, once she’s inside, it provides a really pleasant experience.

  5. I’ve tried many pet carriers before but this is the best. Unlike products from its competitors, this one was also designed with the pet owners in mind! I really appreciate the ergonomic design of this Chihuahua carrier sling because I don’t end up having severe neck and shoulder pains after carrying my pet for hours. I’ll definitely recommend this to friends and family who also want to spoil their fur babies! 🙂

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