Retro Luxe Pet Stroller

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This item: Retro Luxe Pet Stroller

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$ 399.90
$ 399.90
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The Comfort+ Pet Stroller Add-On Kit

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Pet Steps for Bed FF2021
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8 reviews for Retro Luxe Pet Stroller

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  1. It arrived incredibly fast! Though the box was torn and dented the stroller appeared to be in good condition inside the box. We love how smooth the ride is and our two doggies love it.

  2. This pet stroller is PURRFECT for my two Maine Coons – it’s sturdy, rolls smoothly and collapses for storage with ease. The cats are safe and secure when traveling (moving in and out of hotels) or just exploring the neighborhood.

  3. Perfect size for two small dogs! The quality is amazing and cute!

  4. It helps my mini-schnauzer, who is 13 years old, who gets fatigued while out for walks. I place him gently in the stroller and continue walking as he takes a restful nap. I take him up and set him down on the grass once he has had a chance to gather himself, and then we continue on our trip.

    Additionally, because we reside in Miami, he is kept dry and comfortable by a random rain shower every now and then. The stroller is sturdy, well-made, incredibly light, and nimble. The handle’s ability to be raised or lowered with a single click is fantastic.

  5. My baby’s ride has been upgraded, and this is the nicest pet stroller ever. I’ve never used this brand before. It costs a little more than other brands, but it’s worthwhile. It rides smoothly, handles well, and is easy to push. There is enough room for my two large cats. They adore it. If in doubt, it’s worth it to spend more money.

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