Enjoy the series of accessories that Ibiyaya offers. It provides an additional or extra stroller frame, universal rain cover for large and medium stroller, dirt and water repellant travel bag, tow bar for bike trailer and durable hooks. Make your pet strolling perfect with Ibiyaya!
Dusty Blue

Everest Dog Stairs (L)

SKU FF2021-L-B – Dusty Blue & FF2021-L-G – Gray

The Everest Pet Stairs make it easy for your dog or cat to reach new heights and snuggle up to you on the couch or bed. It’s not only adorable and functional, but it also relieves pressure on pets’ paws and joints, ensuring that comfort follows them wherever they go.

With the Everest Pet Stairs, no mountain is too high for your four-legged children.

Perfect collapsible dog stairs for bed or couch.


Category: Pet Furniture
Tags: Pet ladder for bed, Pet steps for couch, Collapsible pet stairs
$ 97.50

Bike Tow Bar (For Stroller Model #FS980/FS2080/FS2180)

SKU: FP218010

Are you ready to go on a bike trip with your pet? You may enjoy wandering on diverse terrains with the Ibiyaya bicycle trailer tow bar!


Sturdy Build for a Stress-Free Ride: This bike trailer tow bar has been designed for long-term use. For road trips and storage

Get Your Aerobic Exercise While You’re Out and About: You’ll find a way to get your exercise. How about adding a bicycle trailer with a tow bar? Biking and cycling burn significantly more calories than a normal stroll, according to calorie-burning research; but, you don’t have to go it alone any longer.

Give Your Dog a Ride: Have you ever left your pet alone or with a sitter? Why don’t you take them for a ride? While walking on a leash is delightful, a mini-car trip is even more so. Simply mount our trailer bike tow bar on your bike and go!

Securely Attach Your Stroller to Your Bike: Our bicycle adapter fits most regular bikes. The three-pin adjustment makes it simple to tailor the bicycle trailer tow bar to the terrain. Its steel structure ensures a secure fit and a comfortable ride.

Explore The Natural Outdoors: Enjoy a wonderful bike ride with your tow bar bike trailer. Feel the sun on your face and the breeze on your skin. Time spent outside has been linked to improved happiness and energy, which you and your pet both benefit from.

Available Color:   ▉ Black

$ 36.95

Ibiyaya LISO Rain Cover

SKU: FP140503

Protect your dog from nature’s elements with the Ibiyaya Stroller Rain Cover!

With this robust and waterproof rain cover, you can now keep your pet and their trolley dry! This transparent backpack rain cover from LISO has a Velcro-closed flip-open construction that makes it simple to slip over the stroller. It protects your pet from the elements such as rain, snow, and wind. The cover contains ventilation holes to allow fresh air to reach your pet while also safeguarding them and their belongings.


◆ Ibiyaya’s New Liso Backpack Parallel Transport Pet Trolley features an exclusive compact pet backpack rain cover.
◆ It features ventilation holes for your pet’s comfort.
◆ For easier and convenient use, it has a Velcro-closed flip-open construction.
◆ For a long-lasting pet stroller accessory, choose a waterproof and durable Ibiyaya rain cover.
◆ Material: non-toxic PVC
◆ Colour: Transparent

$ 23.00

Ibiyaya Universal Stroller Rain Cover

SKU: FP130004 (med) & FP120203 (large)

Protect your car or dog from rain with the Ibiyaya Universal Stroller Rain Cover!

You can now keep your pet and their stroller dry with Ibiyaya’s strong and waterproof transparent stroller rain cover! This universal stroller weather shield features a Velcro-closed flip-open design that makes it easy to put over the stroller.

$ 29.90

Stroller Frame

SKU: FP70501

The 4-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier  (FC1008) may be used with the Ibiyaya stroller frame. We chose a light, sturdy metal stroller frame to pass the SGS standard and the Environment Stress Crack Test. With its 360-degree swivel wheel, it is both foldable and very maneuverable.


◆  A great add-on for your multipurpose (FC1008) EVA Pet Carrier and puppy backpack.
◆  Foldable pet stroller frame with one-hand folding mechanism for compact and convenient storage.
◆  Dual cup holders on a snack tray.
◆  360-degree swivel front wheels with rear safety pet stroller brakes for increased maneuverability.
◆  EVA wheels that are good for the environment.
◆  The Ibiyaya foldable stroller frame is perfect for all of your strolling needs.

$ 109.90

Speedy Fold Pet Buggy Travel Bag

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SKU: FP167000

The Ibiyaya travel bag for stroller is compatible with the Speedy fold Pet Buggy. It is constructed of a long-lasting, water-repellent fabric that protects your pet stroller from stains, dirt, bacteria, and other harm that might occur during long trips on a public bus or even a flight.


◆ Travel Bag for pet stroller suited for Ibiyaya Speedy Fold Pet Buggy (FS1670) model.
◆ This protects your child’s stroller from dirt, germs and damage when the gate is checked.
◆ This travel bag for stroller has a locking zipper and two hand-carry handles for convenience and comfort.
◆ You can carry your pet stroller while traveling with this convenient stroller luggage bag–all hassle free.
◆ Features an easy folding mechanism without removing its wheels. You can hold it that easy and convenient.
◆ It is made of durable material (Polyester) and water-repellent fabric for a long lasting quality.
◆ A Speedy Fold pet stroller luggage bag is perfect for traveling, whether you’re taking a bus, boarding a train, or flying in an aircraft.

* This item will be shipped from Taiwan, and the shipping charge is on us!  It will take about 14 days to arrive after the order is placed.  Please only purchase if you are ok with the terms.

$ 21.00

Ibiyaya Stroller Hooks

SKU: FP0001

With an Ibiyaya stroller, you may shop with your cat or dogs now. Our pet stroller hooks or clips give you the pleasure to effortlessly hang your supermarket bags. With the help of these 3kg or 6lbs capacity stroller clips, you may free your hand from managing any bags.

Universal buggy hooks that may be used for multiple purposes are a must-have item for any stroller. To leave mom’s hands free from excessive burden, the pram hooks can be attached wherever on the stroller—the handles, front roll bar, or sides. What a combination of convenience and security! Sturdy plastic construction and Velcro strap assembly allow for effortless stroller maneuverability.

Fits any pet stroller without compromising the overall style; can also be used in automobiles, cribs, bicycles, closets, garages, and kitchens… A hook and strap might be used almost anywhere!


◆ Ibiyaya pet stroller hook for your dog’s diaper bag, toy, water and more.
◆ It is 100% made of virgin plastic and strong fiber which has superior quality.
◆ It features a strong and sturdy hook that is a multi-purpose designed pram hook with maximum capacity of 3kgs or 6lbs .
◆ Easy to connect using Velcro straps which you can fix any available bar in your pet stroller.
◆ Offers you the convenience of a stroller clips with adjustable length.
◆ It has an extra feature of a 360 degree swivel connection joint so you can clip besides stroller cloth.
◆ Comes with a set of affordable stroller clips for the price of 2 pieces hook.
◆ Ibiyaya offers FREE DELIVERY and provides full product warranty*.

$ 9.90