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Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed with Bolster and Removable Cover, Odor-resistant, Washable and Indestructible Dog Bed for Medium, Large and Extra-Large Dog Breeds

$ 175.00$ 295.00

Add a personal touch to your pet’s environment.

Ibiyaya has all of your pet’s needs covered! Our goods are not only comfortable for your pets, but they also look great in your home, which is why we put so much effort into designing them.

Your dog or cat will love our Snuggler Pet Nook, which provides a warm and cozy hug while they’re fast asleep. Our Vintage Retro Suitcase Bed is perfect for pets who require extra room and independence. Zentangle Enhanced Pet Pods are available for cats who need a peaceful and enclosed space. They also double as scratch posts for your kitty.

Our Everest Dog Stairs make it easy for your pet to snuggle up to you on your sofa or bed whenever they want, so they can stay close at all times. The first step is large enough to accommodate a small dog, making it a convenient resting spot.

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