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Elevate Your Pet’s Journey with Our Pet Backpacks!

Ibiyaya understands the demands of modern pet owners. Whether you’re a bird, rabbit, dog, or cat owner, there is an Ibiyaya a luxury pet backpack for your furry friend that will suit all their needs! We have cat-dog carrier backpacks designed both indoors and out, from long-distance travel to mall shopping trips with friends—even if they need airline approved dog backpack for their own adventure (in which case this bag can serve double duty as a front-facing dog backpack). The Ibiyaya cat and dog carrier backpack has been known around town as one tough creature capable of handling anything life throws its way without missing a beat!

For those who love their pets, we offer a variety of sizes to choose from. We have the best 5-in-1 small dog carrier backpack (the perfect size for Shih Tzu’s, Pugs, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, and Terriers) as well as medium-sized dog bag that will hold two pets comfortably or one medium-sized dog! We also have the Champion large dog backpack for heavier dogs.

Our patented Two-Tier Pet Backpack model can be converted into an intermediate bag if necessary by adding straps on both sides so you don’t need another person holding it while driving–or just take off some extra storage space when not using this version at all times like our famous

The EVA combo cat-dog backpack fits any car seat without risk whatsoever and comes with a maneuverable design for when you need to use it as a stroller. All pet backpack models are durable, built, and tested by independent certification companies such as ISO and SGS.

Ibiyaya cat and dog carrier backpacks are either made of strong fabric or environmentally friendly (EVA) materials and ergonomically designed, so you’re sure that your furbaby gets only the best!

Here at Ibiyaya, we walk with great passion.

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