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Ibiyaya understands the demands of modern pet owners. Whether you’re a dog or cat owner, there is an Ibiyaya pet backpack for your furry friend that will suit all their needs! We have dog – cat carrier backpacks designed both indoors and out; from long-distance travel to mall shopping trips with friends – even if they need airlines approval on their own particular adventure (in which case this bag can serve double duty as a front facing dog backpack). Our Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack has been known around town as one tough creature capable of handling anything life throws its way without missing a beat!

Two-tier Pet Backpack

SKU: FC1980-OG  ▉ Gray

With a hiking backpack for dogs and cats that magically compartmentalizes to fit your needs, especially on camping trips, you can now tote fur babies big and little (and even some extra stuff!) There’s no need to be concerned about the weight because we paid careful attention to your comfort.

◆ Ibiyaya’s double-dog carrier backpack is ideal for hiking, camping with the family, strolling through national parks, and survival wilderness training with your pets.

◆ Two separate compartments in the Two-tier Pet Backpack can contain two cats or two small-breed dogs such as Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Poodles, Terriers, Shih Tzus, and more. To transform this cat & dog hiking backpack carrier into a single medium-sized dog bag, simply collapse the removable barrier.

$ 163.90
small dog carrier backpack
Coral Pink
Navy Blue

Ultralight Pro Backpack Carrier

SKU: FC2106

Ready for an adventure and to explore the wilderness with a furry friend? Bringing your pets outdoors can be an incredibly fun bonding experience, but only if they are secure and comfortable all the time. Our Pet Backpack Carrier is lightweight, multi-use, and very safe for you to walk, hike, bike, or just take a stroll around town worry-free.

This airline approved pet carrier in coral pink is specifically designed for small to medium-sized pets, making long trips simpler and more enjoyable for everyone in the family!

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 1.38kg (3 lbs), Ibiyaya Ultralight Pro Backpack Carrier is perfect as a small dog hiking backpack, front-facing dog backpack for biking, or long-distance airline approved pet carrier backpack without leaving you easily tired.

Tags: Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Dog Hiking Backpack, Dog Chest Carrier, Small Pet Bag
$ 69.95

Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier Plus


Yes, you can now travel with your furry friends using any international airline! Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier is a cat & dog shoulder bag, a dog backpack carrier, and a front facing dog backpack, all in one. It is a small pet carrier that fits under airplane seats, yet big enough (L40 W25 H30 in cm) to be a comfortable home-away-from-home for most cats and small to medium-sized dog breeds. An ultimate choice for air travel with your furry friends.

If you’re not a one-shoulder pet carrier, then this multi-function pet carrier is sure to make you feel more comfortable when traveling with your pet. The front entry has a transparent material where you can see inside and check on your pet at any time. This carrier provides more pet visibility with controlled light coming into the bag through its mesh cover.

$ 49.90
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Dog Carrier Backpack with Wheels

EVA® Pet Carrier/ Pet Wheeled Carrier

SKU: FC1008

A compact version of 5 in 1 Combo EVA® Pet Stroller (model – FS1009).

It may be used as a pet travel carrier, dog shoulder bag, dog backpack with wheels, and luxurious car seat booster, among other things, and it has all of the functions of a 4-in-1 combo carrier except the stroller frame. The flexible EVA material is waterproof and has passed a stress-crack test. This FC1008 pet carrier backpack with wheels and handles provides a comfortable motorhome for your furry friend.

PRODUCT CERTIFICATION – A patent registered product with no. 201030555942.9

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – The 4-in-1 Eva® pet carrier can be used as a cat & dog carrier, a small dog shoulder bag, a dog travel backpack with wheels, or a car seat booster. Perfect for a multi-purpose dog carrier! It enables you to quickly adapt to situations such as walking through a shopping mall, taking public transportation, and driving your own car.

Tags:  Dog Chest Carrier, Small Pet Bag, Pet Carrier with Wheels, Dog Backpack with Wheels
$ 92.95
For those who love their pets, we offer a variety of sizes to choose from. We have the best small dog carrier backpacks (the perfect size for Shih Tzu’s, Pugs, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, and Terriers) as well as medium-sized bags that will hold two dogs or cats comfortably or one medium-sized dog! We also have large dog carrier backpacks for heavier dogs. Our famous Two-Tier model can be converted into an intermediate bag if necessary by adding straps on both sides so you don’t need another person holding it while driving–or just take off some extra storage space when not using this version at all times like our famous


EVA combo dog – cat backpacks which come with wheels; it fits any car seat without risk whatsoever and comes with a maneuverable design for when you need to use it as a stroller.All dog – cat backpacks models are durable, built, and tested by independent certification companies such as ISO and SGS.
Ibiyaya dog & cat carrier backpacks are either made of strong fabric or environmentally friendly (EVA) materials and ergonomically designed, so you’re sure that your furbaby gets only the best!

Here at Ibiyaya, we walk with great passion.