Wholesaler Opportunity

Ibiyaya is a pet product manufacturer and wholesaler that’s looking for an innovative distributor. With presence in over 30 countries, we have developed our own efficient business system to ensure sustainable growth with Google’s 1.75 Million monthly searches on strollers & carriers each year!

What’s in store for you:

  • Products that are guaranteed to meet SGS standards
  • Designed and patented company
  • ISO-Certified Manufacturing Facility
  • Full-Service Marketing Solutions
  • Unlimited Potential Customers
  • 20 years of successful business and R&D

Requirements for Distributors

  • Description of the company and the primary source of traffic
  • Websites or social media platforms with a high domain authority
  • If applicable, a screenshot of Google Analytics showing the last three months of traffic
  • Any necessary business registrations
  • Complete the distributor registration form
  • Agreement for distributors was signed
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